Can You Help

Fourteen years down the track we a little support for our volunteers who remain faithful to SOS-NEWS but mostly retired, give their time free but financial contributions they cannot assist.

There is no government funding around here for obvious reasons, so apart from what a few of us can scrape together, your assistance would,be most appreciated.

It has been 4 years since we sent a call for help to where we now need support to replace tired equipment, and cover some costs like internet hosting, telephone, PC update.

The pressure needs to be maintained on these corrupt cowboys in parliament to keep our farmers and Australian families alive that both major parties are determine to shut down our food bowl, control people by pricing services beyond the family budget and lets not forget our corporate and banking viper who call the tune in the people parliament.

We have a very large mailing list of computers we service (70,000 at August 2015) and that number swells with people forwarding SOS-NEWS.

Only if you can !



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