Whitlam downfall CIA Black Operation

Download this FREE E-book covering the Whitlam government downfall at the hands of the CIA.

The detailed transcript from an interview packed with intrigue, spies, whistle-blowers being information most Australians had no idea of and factual evidence to support the claims mad.

America is pulling out all stops to uncover a Russian hacking that effected the outcome of recent election, here we have the same CIA investigating these claims that were paramount in covertly removing Australian Prime Minister Gough Whitlam and his labot government.

Compelling reading and to ,most a revelation.



Richard Pratt is a rags to riches path to  massive corruption developing his empire of Visyboard who with Amcor, still hold the monopoly cardboard box production in Australia. They colluded to price fix their product to the tune of $2 BILLION, were caught, faced the courts and found guilty.

Pratt had that much influence in NSW he had engineered  “The Visiboard Act” introduced into legislation by Premier Bob Carr then passed through both houses of parliament to protect his pine tree plantations around Tumut.

The greens were on a gravy train as Visyboard donated $millions to curb environmental issues like Gunns Timber in Tasmania endured  engineered by Greens leader Bob Brown. This is compulsory reading…




News South Wales Rural Fire Service (RFS) under commissioner Phil Koperberg he developed into his personal dictatorial empire.

Riding the wave of public accolades from media hype for his achievement’s with bushfire control and protection was but a façade to uncovered factual investigation findings.

Bushfire Bombers covers the aircraft corruption section of the RFS back in 2006 with documented irrefutable evidence, statements revealing the extent Koperberg’s dictatorship went threatening pilot and aircraft safety.

A pilot was killed while bushfire bombing with just 5 flying hours logged on the subject aircraft requiring 50 flying hours under RFS Aircraft specifications.

This ebook explodes RFS corruption and collusion at the hands of Philip Christen Koperberg.


This Ebook publishes American research that also applies to Australia.

Exposing the banks changing mortgage goal post to foreclose loans is the tool used to recycle properties under refinance new loans as the original mortgagee becomes bankrupted.

Information here is of value to all banks loans recipients and explains the manipulation they incorporate.

Money lent by banks does not exist in cash it is on paper only which is government sanctioned.

You need to read this to understand where you are with Banks.




Ruth Downey was 70 years of age, running her Pilbara farm in NSW with decades of massed experience including drought sustainability management of livestock. Investigated by RSPCA NSW Inspectors for animal cruelty on a complaint from a dysfunctional neighbours wife, she was charged and convicted.

Our investigation found the evidence in abundance withheld from the court, healthy cattle executed by RSPCA, calves left to starve after their mothers were killed, it was a bloody disgrace.

For some reason RSPCA evidence is without question in the courts of Australia reinforcing this in this case was the prosecutors were the president and a director of RSPCA NSW.

Ruth cost to the RSPCA are at around $700,000 today.

You need to read this Ebook….



Tasmania environmentalist are well entrenched being the how of Greens Bob Brown.

Very connected wealthy Geoffrey Cousins, a mover and shaker in the self preservation stakes, did a land deal with Dick Smith who wanted to build a resort located amongst environmental territory.

Dick Smith pulled repayment of a loan he made to Greens Bob Brown of $1 Million.

Gunns Timber were under constant attack from the Greens not protected by Bob Brown finality closed the doors dumping their workers on the Tasmanian dole line.

ANZ bank weighed in with refusing a load to Gunns as they aligned with the green malitia attack on that company.

Worth a read to enlighten …


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