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To delve into our archive library from 2003 covering many subjects and information revealing investigations, CIA involvement with Australian election fixing, banks exposed, Eschelon spying, Snowy Hydro sale, and much, much more. Being created before blogs were invented this library is user friendly webpage format. – – and will open in a new window.

Selected Reading


Our choice from the archive library is how banks create money plus the money myth is required reading – it still applies today –



CIA in Australia

This inquiry reveals American Central intelligence Agency (CIA) in Australia. Transcript of a 5-part radio documentary,  Watching Brief, Public Radio News Services,  Melbourne, Australia, October-November 1986. With Wikileaks exposing CIA spying that includes Australia in 2017 this transcript from 1986 is a curtain raiser to their current infiltration –


CIA Removed Whitlam

This transcript from 60 Minutes 23rd May 1982, Christopher Boyce was the villain in the biggest American spy scandal for forty years. He was gaoled for selling secrets to the Russians. And why did he do it? He says he was angry at the CIA’s dirty tricks to bring down the Whitlam Government –




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