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In 2001, it was suggested that an internet news service be setup to expose the government, and radical greens, for what they are doing to our nation, mainly the farmers.

June 2001, we kicked off SOS-NEWS aiming to the Snowy Mountain high country farmers, who were under government attack, in Victoria, to have their leases not renewed for cattle grazing in “The Man From Snowy River” area of Australia. Posting news and reports for the cattlemen farmers to our readers did not attract any support from them as they pursued traditional communication that lead to their grazing rights being termianted

Gradually the news service has grown to over 87,000 computers online, with a poll telling us we have over 850,000 + readers at December 2016.

Main stream media, and government, ignore our existence, which we enjoy, but they watch what we do like hawks. We have their undivided attention at all times.

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