Port Arthur Videos Exposing Government Coverup

A series of videos compiled by www.sosnews.org we have selected as evidence to the people of Australia that the Port Arthur shooting was not cut and dried as your government would have we the people believe. To suggest mentally challenged   Martin Bryant with very low IQ, and the intellect of a nine year old child could out shoot any trained military marksmen alone raises a false flag. Further , one of hundreds of pertinent questions must be – “how did Bryant manage this alleged skill and accuracy as a left handed person when witnesses inside the cafe collectively state the shooter was right handed?



Several of these videos are from VHS tape era  before MP4 and DVD, which have been copied with clarity definition suffering. It is content audio that is critical listening to form your opinion to evidence and testimony presented.

*This video is a must view of content by professional radio presenters and great footage from vewry detaile investigation?

Police and Political spin doctoring at it’s best here….

*Tasmanian Coroner declared Martin Bryant NOT GUILTY?
* Convicted criminal & Barristers  John Avery’s intimidating letter to gunsmith witness Terry Hill?

Viewers comments on this video: — I guess it was just PURE LUCK little Tassie just happened to have 700 journalists from around the world, 70 American tourists ready to head out to the Isle of the Dead… a trauma seminar at the hospital which was about to finish… top staff members moved to the safety of a 2 day seminar just 2 hours before…a code BROWN in place at the hospital just 2 days prior, a broken exit door from the café, oh and what about that poor bugga who stood up and shouted to the gunman ‘NO..NO…NOT HERE’…the BMW happened to get burnt so no finger prints (oh, was it a manual or auto??), the weapons used just happened to be stuffed after the fire, the killer’s video camera just happened to vanish, 20 gunshots recorded as bloody coughs while Bryant was on phone to police negotiator, 80 of Bryant’s comments magically become INAUDIBLE in the recordings of police interview (gosh I hope they got special funding for new recording equipment after that incompetence). The list goes on…………. but thank goodness Tassie was READY FOR THE INCIDENT! 🙂 they even thought a year ahead to get a new morgue truck, and buy back the Broad Arrow Café & didn’t bother to fix a ‘broken’ exit door in all that time?…smart people these Tassies!

Fiction being bandied as facts were not available from this covert government agenda to our Muppet Media dancing the tune of their political masters. Nothing has changed.

These two videos are of a conference held at Inverell NSW attended by concerned Australians while void of mainstream media in fear of challenge to their scripted encounters also void of facts.

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