Widespread corruption alters Qld election result. Welfare vote could keep ALP in power

Voters line up at the Bamaga polling booth on November 25. The outcome of this result has been challenged due to the local returning officer taking home two boxes of uncounted ballot papers.

by staff writers

Election candidates, booth workers and scrutineers again have reported widespread corruption similar to that reported at the 2012 and 2015 state elections run by the dodgy Electoral Commission of Queensland.

Booth workers across the state claim the Labor Party and unions have infiltrated to ECQ to such an extent there is no possibility of this government department carrying out a state election to deliver a clean result.

In the Far North an onslaught against conservative political parties began in earnest at least eight weeks ago.

Many hundreds of election signs erected by party supporters were reported damaged or stolen from roadsides and private property. At an estimated cost of $8 for a corflute sign and $3 for a wooden stake, the financial loss to candidates was crippling.

Candidates have blamed the ALP and the crocodile lovers for the sign thefts. Cairns News hopes the croc shaggers and the militant Labor trench-coaters are soon devoured by the explosion of dangerous crocs infesting human habitats.

One Nation and Katters Australian Party were hard hit by sign thieves who struck in the middle of the night.

Booth workers across Cape York Peninsula reported ALP posters being left in polling booths at indigenous communities, ALP-aligned scrutineers accompanying indigenous voters into booths and actually filling out their ballot papers, with a lead pencil, naturally.

A Kowanyama booth worker reported Labor supporters telling indigenous voters on  their way to the booth to vote only for the Labor candidate or they would lose their pensions and dole (sit down money).

Below is an example of serious electoral misbehaviour that so far has been ignored by the QEC. Meanwhile we are advised the counting continues at the Cook electorate office where Labor candidate Cynthia Lui has a slim lead over One Nation candidate Jen Sackley and KAP candidate Gordon Rasmussen. This is occurring in spite of the questionable Bamaga ballot box being included in the count.


Mr Walter van der Merwe
Queensland Electoral Commissioner
Nov 28, 2017

Dear Sir,

Re the misconduct of the state election throughout the electorate of Cook and injunctive relief:

I write on behalf of Mr Gordon Rasmussen, the Katters Australian Party candidate for Cook who is quite concerned about the misconduct in this election and I should say that of the preceding two state elections in Cook in which I have been directly involved.

Since 2012 I have made written complaints to the previous Commissioner or staff about the obvious involvement of the Labor Party in election matters.

The misconduct ranges from party material being displayed within the confines of voting booths, to ALP-aligned electoral staff accompanying indigenous voters into booths and showing them how to vote to actually filling out their ballot paper with lead pencils.

We recognise as do many voters and other members of the public that ECQ staff are required to adhere to the Public Service Act when conducting the business of the ECQ.

We also recognise as do many thousands of voters that for decades public servants have managed the electoral matters of the ECQ on Cape York Peninsula.

It is common fact that a great proportion of these public servants are ALP supporters or card-carrying members and this includes a sizeable proportion of electoral staff.

At both Thursday Island booths supervisory staff bore the name Lui and my inquiries have established these staff are immediate relatives of the ALP candidate Cynthia Lui immediately causing claims of nepotism.

Therefore we ask why the Bamaga ballot box was not counted at the finish of voting on Nov 25?

Why did I receive a forwarded text message stating the ECQ advised the Bamaga ballot box would be counted in the DATISMA office on Thursday Island after voting had finished?

I have documented the circumstances surrounding the misconduct of the returning officer at the Bamaga booth which have been provided to your office.

This officer did not ask me as a registered scrutineer to observe the flimsy cardboard ballot box being sealed with zip ties. He did advise me he would be taking the ballot box containing approximately 500 ballot papers to his home and then sending the box to Cairns and Mareeba the following day…..

I have evidence from previous candidates about misconduct of electoral staff at the 2012 and 2015 state elections and now we are gathering similar evidence in the fallout of the 2017 election

I suggest that it would be sheer folly to allow any ballot boxes connected to the NPARC electoral district be included in the tally.We also believe the Thursday Island and some other remote islands and communities’ result is similarly tainted.

After further discussions today between all parties it could be decided to seek a fresh election in the seat of Cook, using politically non-aligned ECQ staff drawn from outside of the northern part of Cook electorate or contracted staff from outside of the public service domain altogether…..

It should be noted that Cook candidates from elections going back more than a decade have indicated they too will provide historic, damning evidence against the activities of some ECQ staff in connection with the conduct of previous elections.

Yours faithfully,


on behalf of G W Rasmussen, KAP candidate for Cook


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