CIA in Australia demolished the Whitlam Government

How many know the CIA planned, implemented, and setup covert operations with their own bank operating in Sydney that removed our elected Whitlam Labor government as they manipulated unions, Governor General, and Liberal party politicians.

It all stemmed from a conceived idea Whitlam was not to renew agreements that would allow US Government spy establishments to continue operating around Australia that had been in place for several decades.

This story we have published “The CIA in Australia” is based on a very detailed transcript from a Melbourne based radio station interview’s with witnesses and whistleblowers in October 1986.

Further substantiation is from the movie -”The Snowman and The Falcon” – a true story of CIA systems analyst Christopher Boyce whose whistleblowing led to this movie featuring his spying revealing CIA and the Whitlam government demise starring Sean Penn and Timothy Hutton.

As the USA dance on Donald Trump over Russian manipulation of the recent American election by this same CIA who removed an Australian government needs to be read – FREE E-book – and get it out their.


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