Lambie challenges Federal politicians to donate their pay rise

It’s unbelievable that politicians would be getting a pay rise on a Saturday and giving the rest of the country a penalty rate cut this Sunday.

Politicians don’t choose our own salaries, and I can’t choose to reject this pay rise.

Al I can do is choose what to do with it. And I choose to donate my pay raise and my tax cut back into the community.

The salaries of politicians are generous as it is. I’m lucky that I am in a position where I can donate this money and still feed myself and my family.

Not everybody is as lucky as we are. There are people in the community who need that $4,000 more than politicians do.

There are pensioners who can’t afford to turn on the heating. There are students who can’t afford textbooks. There are jobseekers who can’t afford the petrol to get to a job interview. There are kids battling illness, and parents who don’t have the resources they need to make their wishes a reality.

I know them. They’re in my community.

I’m donating my raise because I can’t look those people in the eye and tell them I deserve this money more than they do.

The question is now whether other Federal politicians will do the same.

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