Peter Spencer takes property rights of Australians back to court

Today Monday 27 February starting at 9.30am  till Thursday 2nd March is Peter Spencer’s appeal before 3 judges.

At stake are the property rights for all Australians. Tomorrow starts 9.30 as an interlocutory in court 21B of the Federal Court of Australia, Queens square. It is close to Martin Place and St James stations. We need as many people as possible throughout proceedings . We need the judges to know that we, the People do value our property rights.

One of Australia’s most important legal cases come before the courts very soon. It relates to how UN interference is compromising property rights in Australia. It is the only legal case going in the world that relates UN interference to the erosion of property rights. Property rights along with freedom of speech are 2 of the fundamental  institutions on which human freedom itself is based.

John Howard allowed (colluded with?) Bob Carr and Peter Beattie to introduce their Native Vegetation Acts that are so extreme green as to make farming in Australia almost completely unviable. This was to keep up with Australia’s carbon emissions targets under the Kyoto Protocol. Although PM Howard did not ratify Kyoto, he still had to comply with emissions targets or risk fines to the tune of $billions to the UN. If the Commonwealth had to compensate private land holders for the land as proscribed under just terms provisions enshrined in the Constitution (section 51 xxxi) , it would have been liable for many billions in compensation to land holders, but state based Native Vegetation Acts circumvent the compensation aspect.

Thousands of farmers have lost their farms due to being hamstrung in the rights to use their land and there have been hundreds of rural suicides related this. The media have not reported this.

Peter Spencer is one of many farmers who lost their property as a result of the draconian Native Vegetation legislation, that has its origins from the UN, a body that selects its own officials-it is unelected, unaccountable and undemocratic.

Peter Spencer had his case dismissed in 2015 in a hearing conducted before a single judge but it is up for appeal on several strong grounds on February 27-March 2 at the Federal Court in Sydney before 3 judges. Anyone who recognises the importance of property rights should endeavour to be there for some or all of the proceedings-the court system needs to know that the People are not going to lie down and have their property rights taken from them.

Property rights will not stand up for themselves. We must make our presence felt.

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