But has it? – Who are challenging the vested interests? – Clandestine Ministerial advisory committees

Noeline Franklin B Sc (Hons), PTC, M Med Sc

Noeline Franklin B Sc (Hons), PTC, M Med Sc

The American Sierra Club was formed in 1892 political lobby group to expand the bushwalking academics empire across America based on this mythical being of John Muirs so called wilderness, purposely dehabited of Indians, farmers, foresters, fishing communities. Antarctica of 100 years ago was about the only uninhabited wilderness. Most other land across the globe had humanity as an integral part of the ecology. The wilderness mob are quite an elitist antisocial mob on a cop out for the city experiment were in 1800 there were only 2% of the human population living in town today there is over 47% and where in 1800 there were the first billion people, doubled by 1930 and now 7.2 billion and still rising. While ever the greedy escape to ‘wreckreate’ in rural well managed areas the city despot is not being addressed.

love-that-dirty-waterAs more land grabs occur for the global national park empire there is less ability to move on a shrinking agricultural ecology and spell it. Farmers, foresters fishermen ripped off for their produce such their ability to look after the land and water is diminished. Boffins and bureaucrats try to wedge into the food chain with their not so good expertise foisted on the unwary. Rural minorities are forced into end on end production to pay the bureaucrats and boffins to oversee the food chain no doubt. Cities are invariably social concentration camps set over river mouths that used to be clean and fed the people. Not so today. Australia has perhaps the lowest population density. Pick any capital city and tell me if you’d drink the water straight from the river flowing through town. Brisbane? Hunter? Hawksbury? Georges? Molongolo? Murrumbidgee below Canberra? Yarra, as it meets Port Phillip, the lower Murray, Swan?

  • Would you drink from any of them?
  • Would you eat the today fish?
  • Would you go today swimming?

The Thames and Rhine are probably cleaner from where most of our environmental activists come from passaged through university indoctrination systems.

Tank Stream was the reason Sydney was located there. Tank Stream was bricked in by 1820 after use only since 1788 by Europeans. Aboriginal people came and went for about 60000 years previous and the water was fine sweet and clean, spelled and looked after with civic pride. 200 years on Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Adelaide want to inflict their behaviours on the Snowy. Try drinking around the tourist resorts and ski fields. Follow the blow flies to the camping area toilets.

Sheep, cattle, horses have been banished and shot for less crimes these city bullies have brought to the bush. Few are ‘house trained’ much less have any camping skills. Basic hygiene over hypocrisy of leaving their polluted cities to head bush for the holidays. When it comes to human pathogens these globe trotting people are putting Australia at risk. Say at home Brumbies, cattle, sheep have insignificant risk by comparison and the very nature of their eating habits. If anything bushwalkers are putting our Australian animals at risk from imported pests and pathogens.

If you feed the sheep, cattle, Brumbies, goats, donkey, water buffalo camel to the dingo and the dingo eat the wildlife then the man made bushfire is inevitable. Bigger hotter larger area than anything nature would have come up with. Repeated holocaust in a monoculture of fire hardy species dysfunctional and deformed in man made fire. This heat sterilises the water catchment locked up for just the experts called bushwalkers to tinker with their second world war land grab. Blow in architects, town planners, tram drivers, high court judges, helicopter pilots, cleaners, kindergarten pupils all have better opinions about how land should be managed than any families black, white or brindle that managed the high country, saved from rabbit plague, bushfire, flood, colonial exploitation, fought and died for democratic processes and human rights. What would they know “the science has been done!” What? Those select orchestrated data sets agenda driven drivel among the dynasty clique?

These same people put their hand out for more high country junkets doing climate change science, captive breeding threatened species because their advice on policy failure killed the others once in great abundance. Paid highly to stay at the off season resorts monitoring incinerated sphagnum bogs for any signs of recovery. Go and watch the aftermath of St Helens volcanic melt down and compare the sphagnum return. The same old dynasty ‘show ponies’ peer reviewing each others high country holiday data sets. Keeping the species obituary list to attract more public funding to subsidise their own employment path. Same old universities, research establishments and political lobby groups looking for light relief doing science in the high country engineered to make it exclusive, not make it right.

Biodiversity supported in the grazing era is all but gone starved buried butchered burnt. Stockmen and the general public were promised more and better for their money. Today less water less forests less biodiversity, more uncertainty, more fire risk and impact. There is no audits on how public money is spent and whether we get value for money in terms of water quality and conservation achievements.

What does genuine land management peer review say? Not science fiction among the groupies, post war zealots buying themselves a letterhead political lobby group trying to secure their future employment legitimacy rorting national assets.


In the years 1999, 2000, 2001 70+ high country families were surveyed by written form and by telephone and this is a summary of their observations and comments based on their own and generations of their family’s observations daily for lifetimes. This is a lot different to PhDs visiting for 18 months or less collecting data sets remote from history or contact. Objectivity or stupidity by comparison?

The surveyed families were located ACT, NSW and Victorian high country and had a generational multicultural association with the high country as stockmen, foresters, Snowy workers, bushfire fighters, as land managers producing high conservation land for grabbing for wilderness, city water, tourist destination……. Preservation and management of alpine ash forests declared pristine. Sheep selection flocks for 100-130 years continual experience. Each generation building on the knowledge of the previous.

Those surveyed were family association with the region dating back to the 1820s or before in many cases in a multicultural community working hard together to survive dislocation. The best management approaches were blended and in the process of being honed when experts were migrated from Europe to swan into the top political and academic positions of influence. Maritime European ideas of land mismanagement locking farmers into plots and dictating how they wanted their food produced and who pays.

Certainly land management practices which arose in 150 years of settlement were a multicultural blend and understanding wishing to be ignored by the ‘caged raised’ dynasty boffins beginning time in the late 1800s or more recently when the Academy of Science formed in the 1950s trying to put credibility around the precautionary principle and media beat up on “potential threat and damage” as their cityscapes were cemented over, streams polluted, toxic smoke belched into the atmosphere. Market gardens orchards dairies fattening paddocks ancient forests were cemented over for real estate. A most deceitful abuse of the scientific process and post war Australian communities trying to get their lives back in order from trauma and dispossession.

Stay at home boffins not participating in the second world war, in comparison lived the good life watching their countrymen sail way yet again to defend King and Country. They planned on many coming home and began the process of carving up the vacated spoils. As on bushman suggested “like crows flying around a drought weary lamb mired in a dry dam.”

In 1660 Charles II of England came back from exile of the British protectorate under Cromwell and son after his father Charles I was beheaded over some religious squabble. Son Charles wanted the British Monarchy reinstated, support and unity of the Parliament and the academic high society community. Only 1 in 5 British males qualified themselves to stand or vote in Parliament through to 1860s. Charles II formed the British Royal Society giving the boffins a building to meet in and opportunity to advise government and the monarchy. This was latest version of buying green votes.

Later came 121 hectare Kew Gardens more universities and globe trotting opening botanic gardens and universities in the colonies. Plant collections flooded in and live specimens fed horse manure from the stables of London commerce and the monarch stables and facilities. Some of which have plastic horses for floods of tourists to see. How will the 30000 species of plants in Kew go on plastic horse buns. Rare as rocking horse……. As the saying goes. Perhaps the gardeners of Kew in future will have plastic plants changed seasonally. Plastic seed put away in the ice caves. Where will science alone take us? What of the British allotment gardening swapping plant material, herbs, dye plants, vegetables and fruit…? Aren’t they conducting biodiversity security with seeds and vegetative preservation? What of the backyard poultry or pig fancier, the family with the selection line of horses, cattle, sheep, goats, homing pigeons…… All too old fashioned and out dated?

What of the Brumbies running wild in secluded valleys maintaining their genetic heritage of constitution, temperament, confirmation. The camel, donkey, water buffalo, goats, deer, the farming families foresters fishermen fire fighters do they have no value to the nation because the city based experts mount a bad press campaign to jackboot them from their livelihoods and knowledge base build from a different aspect than the house of cards cobbled together in the university system over the last 160 years. Self selection exclusive dynasty. Theories on theories. So if these institutions are so relevant why is the adoption rate of R&D dropping off. Australian innovation slipping behind the world. School children opting to do anything but science. Science is on the nose and made too expensive for the career opportunities and relevance.

If you declare yourself an environmentalist and expert on land management you don’t need expertise, experience or qualifications other than be a high court judge, architect, town planner with bushwalking and skiing outdoors wreckreational tendencies and contacts in journalism or government. Forceful emotive opinions backed up by photos of things you can’t see or understand. Knowledge is in fact a handicap in the advice provided to the Minister to set policies. Urban society of recent migrants working hard to pay their massive mortgage really do not care or understand wall to wall scrub and chaos is in fact chronic neglect and negligence on the road to degradation and ruin long term.

Imagine the city as dysfunctional as it is on a 60-100 year long garbage strike! Breed up the savage killer dogs to eat the garbage and chase the rats among the squalor. London burnt down a number of times, millions of people died of the bubonic plague before they started to learn from mistakes. Fire fighters, house design, sewage pipes, toilets, garbage disposal services clean up the debris.

New York was drowning in horse manure in the 1890s when Henry Ford suggested you buy his horseless carriage and puff oil fumes into the atmosphere. In London they picked up their horse manure and fed the 30000 species Kew garden plant collection with it. The traffic in London moved faster in the horse drawn era than todays racing cars puffing in traffic jams and behind traffic lights. Forests cut down and cement highways and suburbs built by architects, town planners replace the ancient forests the fisheries the market gardens. Police forces busy themselves with criminals manufactured in the social despot.

Bushwalkers go bush to admit failure and dysfunction in their administrative and academic careers.

So the science has all been done?


Professor Hugh Possingham, University of Queensland among others comment:-

SO WITH AUSTRALIA IN THE GRIP OF AN EXTINCTION WAVE, with dozens of plants and animals being added to the endangered species list every decade, no one has any real idea of whether our traditional national parks services are part of the problem or part of the solution.   …. Increasingly, politicians don’t like the fact that they don’t know, and they are demanding that national parks services detail what the public is getting for its conservation dollar.

For years, state governments in Australia have been funnelling money into national parks services, with very little proof that the money is well spent.

University studies at two of Australia’s World Heritage-listed parks — Kakadu National Park in the Northern Territory and Queensland’s Great Barrier Reef Marine Park — show catastrophic declines in natural values.

In 2010, after 13 years of monitoring, scientists declared that Kakadu’s native mammal fauna were in “rapid and severe decline”. The causes, according to the study’s authors, were “not entirely clear” but probably relate to bad fire management, too many feral cats and the steady westward hop of the cane toad.

To combat such threats, Kakadu is armed with an annual budget of $18 million. And $50 million is spent each year in the Great Barrier Reef.

Where’s the research to understand the processes of decline through stagnation and chronic deprivation? Charles Darwin a self funded global observer addressed the British Royal Society back in 1860s about the dramatic decline in biodiversity in a heath land in Kent UK when the local bushwalking club used biodiversity as an excuse to put a fence between them and the cattle poo. The bigger animals than the bushwalkers were coming face to face in the bush. Fear of big animals, animal manure, fire, smoke, drive the environmental movement here Europe and in America. The most researched areas of the world being those with a nice destination.


Charles Darwin (1809-1882) biodiverse heathland grazed by cattle since Roman times or before 1000+ years and with a fence turned into a monoculture, fire hazard of Scotch fir. These processes consistent across the globe. Darwin’s insights into the origins of humanity have since vindicated him of the ridicule he endured at the time.


The ‘hard hoof haters’ fanatically indoctrinated in the university system to vilify domestic and introduced animals before their minds could be opened to other possibilities. The exotic Asian dingo has been “naturalised” on a whim when even in Aboriginal times without the help of foxes rabbits pigs Aboriginal people suppressed dingo populations because of impacts on wildlife abundance and distribution. Wildlife habitats were carefully cool burnt to reinvigorate them and keep them biodiverse and fire safe.

Boffins such as Nancy, France educated Londoner Charles Lane Poole arrived in Australia in 1922 to take up forestry school of “no burners” and the Commonwealth Forestry Bureau. Lindsay Pryor was one of the people mentored by Poole and Pryor depicted as the “eucalypt expert” and ardent “no burner.” Mutually exclusive qualities. Both were instrumental in bulldozing down beautiful regenerative native forests and planting exotic pines. How has that impacted on fire, water, fishing, biodiversity, food security and public safety? Roman torches planted in the streets of Canberra to shower embers through the suburbs among the pine bark mulch, gas lines and garages selling petrol, oil, diesel.

The ‘no grazers’ ‘no burners’ dingo hugging environmental lobby groups creating their exclusive areas empires, failing as water sources and biodiversity support arms. A scientific ecological man made artefact. They busy themselves thrashing around at the publics expense while keeping the species obituary list.

The American national parks association formed 1919 after Muirs departure. Adopted by various Australian states to build a national park empire on a whim of tourism bushwalking and city water. It was all meant to be salvation not burial, starvation, predation and cremation.

When are the economic rationalists going to look at the forests incinerated, mass extinction events with a long lead in time. More bad outcomes more land confiscated. Policy failures built on. Science has spent 150+ years selecting their own. When will they acknowledge the basics.



Experts have not done as well as as the uneducated multicultural rural minorities displaced by big promises yet the land grabs and big animal massacres continue.


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