NATO push vs MH17 Passenger’s Justice

missileIt just doesn’t stop.  The main stream western media are so in bed with the propaganda being hurled out, that there is little chance of President Putin ever being allowed any credibility.

There are a number of facts which we all need to consider when each of us individually decides for ourselves  what is and what is not the truth about the downing of MH17 and the death of 298 souls believed as a result of a Russian made BUK ground to air missile system; known to the West as an SA-11. There are numerous versions of the BUK as it has evolved over the years.

  1. Russian military hardware is essentially the only weaponry hardware that fills the arsenal of both the Separatists and the Ukraine military.

Russia has been the main supplier of military hardware to Ukraine for many years and the training of this Russian made weaponry has of course been by Russian experts. In today’s war; the supply of weaponry to Ukraine is not all that clear. It is also not clear at all whether the Ukraine Separatists actually had access to a latest SA-11 missile battery; but it is a fact that the Ukrainian Army does have such in its arsenal.  Furthermore, it is reported the Ukrainian Army has deployed this weaponry into the Eastern Ukrainian battle ground.

  1. The Separatists may have appeared to some to be nonchalant about the bodies of the downed MH17 passengers; but when they had secured body bags the remains of the dead were efficiently  picked up.

The bodies of the lost souls from MH17 were strewn across the crash site and almost immediately the Separatists were instrumental in marking out the position of any bodies and parts found; just as would happen anywhere else there may occur such a tragedy.  With the obvious lack of body bags available to such a make shift army; it wasn’t until these bags materialised the movement of the deceased commenced from where they lay.  It was clear though; as soon as those bags arrived, this is exactly what occurred.  It was also clear those bags once filled with a deceased’s remains, they were being transported and carried as respectfully as possible under the circumstances.  The placing of the bodies alongside the road was purely an interim action and at no time was there any disrespect shown in the video footage spread about the world of this happening.

The media on the other hand for whatever reason constantly tried to push the public’s mind into believing to the contrary, when they knew full well it was not the truth.  Very rarely does western media give such visual public scrutiny of such a tragedy; but what broadcast on TV of the MH17 body collection – given it is a war zone – was as one would, and could expect.

  1. The Russians were lambasted for not doing enough in response to securing the crash site.

How interesting it is.  The west and the Ukraine puppet government charged the Russians for having a vast army massed upon the border of Eastern Ukraine, ready to invade.  The reality was Russia did not have an army massed on the border; in fact the nearest Russian troop deployment was some fifty miles inland of the Ukrainian border – keeping in mind the country inside that border was Russia soil proper.  Russia could legitimately have its troops anywhere it wished on its own sovereign lands.

Russia; mindful of the western outcry voiced loudly in biased western compliant media, moved its troops further into Russia proper in appeasement of that cacophony of anti-Russian sentiment.  Suddenly that same western voice was knifing the Russians again; this time because it hadn’t crossed the Ukrainian border en mass with its troops and secured the crash site. Damned if they do and damned if they don’t.  Listen carefully to Kerry’s words and his noticeable stall at the very first question is more than telling for any analyst.

  1. Once the bodies of the passengers were being gathered, a train with refrigerated carriages was put into service.

Once again the Ukrainian separatists did exactly as could be expected.  Body bags were procured and once they had been, the gathering of the bodies and body parts began.  At this point the need to store those bodies and arrest decomposition was met by the procurement of a train with refrigerated carriages.

Again the media tried to make the arrangement of this train as some sort of badly managed event.  The truth though is – the Ukrainian Separatists – as soon as the bodies were able to be collected in the now available bags – arranged for the secondment of the train to preserve as best as possible those remains. Both heat and scavenging animals had became a concern.

  1. United States so called satellite surveillance is purported to have identified personnel wearing Ukrainian Army uniforms around an SA-11 missile battery; and bottles believed to be beer bottles littered the site.

The USA has been vociferously vocal about the downing of MH17 and claimed vehemently to have over whelming evidence of all sorts of things which lead to the undeniable belief only Ukrainian Separatists could have shot down MH17 along with Russian Military help.  Yet the same evidence is purported to show an SA-11 missile battery being manned by Ukrainian troops and the ground around this battery as being littered with beer bottles.

The very fact satellite pictures purport to show bottles on the ground let alone they may be beer bottles, lends thought to some very interesting things; such as the depth of quality of pictures which can identify beer bottles on the ground would have to clearly show Ukrainian Government soldiers as being in charge of this SA-11 device.

Kerry1This is so much so; now the propaganda coming out of the west is claiming Ukrainian deserters were in control of this particular missile battery and hence the reason for the revelation the missile personnel were wearing Ukrainian Army uniforms.  There does appear to be a desperate attempt to hide the truth from independent investigators; already the fog of myth-information is thrown to the public by a western compliant media to spin perhaps much less than the truth.  Sarin gas rockets fired in Syria were an exact example of this style of contrived politics and mainstream media’s complicity.  The fact it is in dispute who fired those Sarin filled rockets meant little to the western spin, and that spin style is perhaps once again being used in Ukraine.

Perhaps the investigators should look at the Ukrainian army’s history, as shooting down a passenger jet full of people is not new to them when firing off ground to air missiles. “In 2001, a land-based missile aimed at destroying a drone; instead struck a Russian passenger jet over the Black Sea, killing all on board.” Note the missile which shot down Siberia Airlines Flight 1812 with 78 people aboard was a Ukrainian missile which missed its drone target and went on for another 150 miles (240klm) to find and destroy another target.  A target the Ukrainian Army denied in the first instance of destroying.

  1. Pictures of an SA-11 system being transported into Eastern Ukraine show a loaded device; that is four missiles.  More pictures claiming to be the same SA-11 system being transported out of Eastern Ukraine into Russia shows two missiles missing from its battery.

Were these pictures real?  They were so grainy it would be impossible to tell if they were not just a doctored piece of propaganda.  Let’s for the sake of balance though accept they are genuine.  What needs to be considered is the fact prior to MH17 being brought down, the Ukrainian Separatists had shot down two Ukrainian military transport aircraft and these were purportedly up to some 21,000 ft altitude; two large aircraft very high in the sky.  To what weaponry did such military aircraft fall foul of?  Just maybe it was to an SA-11 missile and just maybe, it only required one missile for each aircraft downed.

Buk-M1-SA-11-Gadfly-Missile-Systems-Spotted-After-Used-With-2-Missiles-MissingHow interesting would this be?  Because the second picture paraded across the media of the world was that of an SA-11 battery being purportedly transported back to and across the Russian border and this time, it is missing two of its four missiles.  The media portrayed this – alongside the USA’s proof – of the weapon which downed MH17.  Perhaps the reality is more to the fact that the SA-11 which the Ukrainian Separatists purportedly had control of had been used to down the two Ukrainian transports, but the Russians knew what was coming in relation to concocted blame and hence attempted to get the SA-11 the Ukrainian Separatists had, back before the western voices could make claims which were false.

  1. Russia claims to have monitored radar activity from a Ukrainian Army SA-11 device for the day of the downing.

The United States claims to have monitored radar emissions from the SA-11 battery and claim it painted MH-17.  The Russians claim to have monitored the Ukrainian Army SA-11 target seeking radar based in eastern Ukraine for most of the same day.  Given that the area was a hot battleground where a deadly civil war was ongoing; it is fair to assume both super powers were not just capable of, but were actively monitoring all such emmissions.  Both Russia and the United States agree they were monitoring target seeking radar.  The US sat pics show an SA-11 being manned with Ukrainian military dressed troops; the one they claim most likely fired the missile/s.  Russia claims it monitored an eastern Ukraine stationed Ukrainian Army SA-11’s target seeking radar for most of the day. Both super powers claim the same monitoring; it is just the west now has to concoct a story to change the truth to spin, so as to deflect what the US evidence may really show.

  1. Media within hours of the downing of MH17 declared the aircraft’s black boxes had been scooped up by Ukrainian Separatists and forwarded to Moscow.

A perfect example of western media and Ukrainian spin in action.  Moscow has the black boxes and what will they do with them cried the media; mainstream media making the news not reporting it.  The reality is and was at the time; the Donesk mayor had the black boxes and handed them over to the people who should get them; but only did so when the opportunity presented itself for this to be done.  It took so long for the independent United Nations backed envoys to get consensus from the UN and then put boots on the ground.  This in turn provided the Ukrainian Separatists with the confidence they were dealing with truly independent unbiased people, or so they hope.

  1. The apparent intransigence of the separatists soldiers to the downing and the wants of the wider world was the result of being in a very violent war and this plane was in the middle of that battle ground.

It is true that it appeared the Ukrainian Separatists were nonplussed by the downing of MH17.  To the west it was a tragedy and rightly so; but to the soldiers of an ongoing violent struggle, well that was another thing.  Death was and still is a daily occurrence in Eastern Ukraine; there’s a war going on.  The plane which fell from the sky was just a casualty of that to those soldiers and the fact everyone was dead meant there were far more pressing matters to deal with.  It is not a movie; it is war and while the west may feel the war should cease whilst crash investigators wander unfettered over square miles of terrain; the reality is bullets, mortars and missiles are flying every which way across the eastern Ukraine countryside. A war being the outcome of where the USA by its own admission spent five billion dollars eventually facilitating the overturning of a democratically elected President of a sovereign nation.  US Assistant Secretary of State for Europe, Nuland said: “Since the declaration of Ukrainian independence in 1991, the United States supported the Ukrainians in the development of democratic institutions and skills in promoting civil society and a good form of government – all that is necessary to achieve the objectives of Ukraine’s European. We have invested more than 5 billion dollars to help Ukraine to achieve these and other goals. ” Nuland said the United States will continue to “promote Ukraine to the future it deserves.”

  1. The rifling of the baggage scattered across the crash site does appear to have taken place by those at the scene.

This style of looting seems to have gone on and to anyone on the outside, such actions seem about as horrendous as it can get.  Again though there is a need to understand the Ukrainian nation is at war with itself and when clothes, money, telephones and all sundry of things fall as if mana from the sky and all who owned those things are deceased; well then to those suffering deprivation, shell shock and daily death; it is all fair game and able to be put to good use.

  1. The plane’s wreckage is strewn over 10-12 kilometres of country side; perhaps more.

In fact it is considered that the crash site where debris from MH17 is strewn, is many many square kilometres of forest and farming country, and all a battleground potential.  The important issue about the size of the debris field is its correlation to the equation of height, speed and fall rate and angle of debris.  It is this equation which will give an almost precise position of missile strike high in the sky.  It is also this equation which may well determine which – if there were more than one SA-11 operating that fateful day – fired the downing rocket/s.

  1. Since the internationalists have made it to the crash site, already plane fuselage is reported as having shrapnel markings and shrapnel fragments imbedded therein.

The western media are already in a mad spin over a large piece of MH17 fuselage being found with what appears to be shrapnel scars and possibly pieces of shrapnel itself embedded.  Good start, although this will almost assuredly turn out to be a Russian made SA-11 fragment, it will in no way reveal who fired off such missiles.  Both sides in this dirty little western contrived war are armed with Russian weaponry and technology. This in itself does not make Russia the culprit and no amount of western media, lies hype and spin can give credence to western allied bias trying to support a US push against Russia via a NATO front.

As each of us is bombarded by the media using language which clearly can be defined as making statements as opposed to news; there is as yet no definitive evidence to back such language; and as such each of us needs to at least see what the terrain looks like from the other side.

The United Sates and its ally Britain, wanted desperately to arm the Syrian rebels so they could kill off the Alawite supported Assad regime, but were scared they would be arming an insurgency which would turn and fight the US and its allies as did the Taliban.

The US told lies about Saddam Hussein and weapons of mass destruction.  Whilst allowing the western world to believe those lies when their own intelligence knew they were lies; attacked the nation Iraq and proceeded to kill by the thousands.

The US and the world bombed Libya to assist a rebellion and walked away leaving a once proud nation in turmoil and internal rebellious strife.

The US used illegal arms sale money to arm insurgents in Nicaragua in South America.  Arms we might add which were sold to Iran.

drone strikeThe list is endless of the US atrocities in one form or another; but as the same United States rails – with Secretary of State  John Kerry being one of the most bellicose of its citizens– think of the whispering death from drones the US rains down upon the unsuspecting citizens of sovereign nations such as Pakistan, Sudan and any other place the US deems holds a person they suspect as being a terrorist.  A rain we might add; which kills so many more innocents then guilty and all considered collateral damage. “TBIJ reports that from June 2004 through mid-September 2012, available data indicate that drone strikes killed 2,562 – 3,325 people in Pakistan, of whom 474 – 881 were civilians, including 176 children. TBIJ reports that these strikes also injured an additional 1,228 – 1,362 individuals,” according to the Stanford/NYU study.

Before we of the western world allow a morally corrupt main stream media to manipulate the truth and indoctrinate us all into believing Russia is guilty of a crime because they sold weaponry to soldiers who believe they have a just cause.  Let us think of the bombs and rockets and missiles being fired into Gaza as we speak, where in just a few days of violence a kill tally of over 800 dead.  How much of that is US made weaponry and US trained users.

  • It is a sad day indeed when 298 innocent people are blown out of the sky for no apparent reason.
  • Was it because the illegitimate US placed Ukrainian government saw an opportunity to bring hatred upon its Eastern Ukraine foes?
  • Was it an opportunity for a covert US operation to turn the western world against a Russian foe named Putin – who seems to thwart every move they make against him and his nation –  on the world stage?
  • Was it an unintentional bringing down of an aircraft Ukrainian Separatists believed to be another Ukrainian transport, but flying much higher due to its two cousins being shot down just a few days earlier?
  • Was it really a bungled CIA operation where they truly believed President Putin would be flying overhead at that time and so they conditioned their Ukrainian friends manning a SA-11 site in Eastern Ukraine to bring the Russian President to earth in a fiery crash.  A crash which could be blamed on Putin’s own friends. Not long ago their false intelligence caused the forcing down of the Bolivian President’s jet in Austria because they incorrectly believed it was transporting Edward Snowden to South America and out of their reach.

Eight Hundred already dead in Gaza; 180,000 dead in Syria; a death toll in Ukraine yet to be established; and while you think of the 298 MH17 victims; also think of the thirty, or fifty or one hundred women and children who are blown up almost daily going about their lives in markets in places like Iraq and Afghanistan. Places where the US and all the western powers have fought and are fighting wars; in the name of what?

I write this piece because there is a huge imbalance in the western media’s reporting of what is actually known, to what is reported as fact.  Since MH17 hit the earth in pieces, the western media has continued to lose much credibility while trying desperately to ‘make the news’ for its political masters.

Nothing can bring back the 298 lost innocent souls – the loved ones of so many – but when both sides obfuscate so often for their own reasons, it is cognizant of us the globe’s citizens, to attempt to look impartially beyond the fog of officially sanctioned lies and deceit until the truth becomes known.  Western law believes in innocence until guilt is proven; let us not let main stream media decide guilt so as to appease its political masters and to hell with the truth.

Brumbyy with 2Ys.






MH17 Beyond the Victims

Flowers for the MH17 Lost in Kiev

Flowers for the MH17 Lost in Kiev

In times of ultimate sadness and horror; the human mind becomes easily malleable to outside influences where normally structured and considered thoughts act as a bulwark.

With another Malaysian Airliner down and all aboard lost over a battlefront contested area of Ukraine; the loss of innocent international lives seems not just a crime of the airways, but one against all humanity.

The personal sadness for families this act of war has brought to the so many loved ones of the victims is incalculable and this is a story, a narrative all on its own in this event; but the who; the why and the how; this is the other story, the other narrative altogether.

It is this latter narrative which must not be lost in the fog of sorrow and emotion. I will start by saying our Ally the United States is not always trust worthy any more. Not with its words and nor with its money.

  • The Ukraine has been a NATO front line for the USA’s push against Russia for years and this is so well known it is not necessary to rehash the evidence of their doing so.
  • The right wing arm of the current Ukrainian Government is allegedly linked well to the killing of innocents in protests during the recent uprising to oust the democratically elected leader of Ukraine.
  • The world’s main stream media in many cases appeared to pull back the same bed sheets as the US propaganda machine from day one; yet there were no facts to support the rhetoric they flooded the public with.
  • Vladimir Putin upstaged the United States with the peaceful annexation of Crimea and from that date he became their anti-Christ. Russia became the enemy of Ukraine which became the true battleground for the Ukrainian peoples to spill their blood upon; but more importantly; became the cold war battle ground for the US to rush out and keep poking the quiet stalwart neighbouring bear.

Who shot down MH17 has still yet to be investigated and identified. What is known as a fact;        MH17 Path

  • It was, possible for the Rebels of east Ukraine to do so;
  • It was, possible for the Ukrainian Military to do so;
  • It was, possible for the Russians to do so, and;
  • It was possible for the United States Military to do so.

It is also clear should the Terrorists have somehow had in their possession, the equipment and skills; shooting down an International airliner full of the world’s citizens would bring upon them nothing but condemnation of the ultimate kind from the rest of the world.  The only reason this side could have shot down MH17, is by error of judgement of target.

Yes Russian military had the skill, the weaponry and the position to be able to bring down MH17. No such action would be countenanced from their command to do so.  Yet should they have done so; once again nothing but bad bad response could be forth-coming from such an action.  Russia had zero to gain and maximum loss to expect from such an action.

The United States and the Ukraine are one here.  There are so many US trained spooks and special forces wandering the landscape of local and wider areas of Ukraine and Europe today. Who are they training? What weaponry have they supplied covertly to whom within the Ukrainian forces? How many drones are in the skies and what weaponry is attached to those stealthy wings?

If a plane such as MH17 was brought down over Eastern Ukraine as has been done, and all blame was directed towards the rebels; well now we perhaps have reason for such a heinous action to occur.  Not at or by the hands of inept rebels per-se’; but by the hands of others making it appear so.  All that is needed after such an action is the assistance of an already biased media and suddenly we have exactly what we have today; “Russian backed rebels shoot down international jet full of global citizens.”

No facts; no known truths; no substance; just another global public indoctrination by a western compliant media reporting spin from desperate Politicians so furious with Vladimir Putin’s ability to shaft them with a chess player’s skill and logic. Would they use an event like the killing of 297 innocent souls as a pawn in their game to encircle the last realms’ of the Bear; a bear who still wields sharp claws?

The Syrian gas rockets fiasco; the non-existent weapons of mass destruction in Iraq; are just two contrivances most today are familiar with. United States is quick to rhetorically skewer its foes falsely, all the while holding designs to rain bombs down upon those they wish to depose and or dispose of, the moment the global public are on side.

This brutal act of mass killing in the skies over Ukraine has a culprit that is for sure; but who that culprit is has yet a long dust billowing road to traverse before such a culprit can hang from the gallows.  What is certain is; that he who cried first “Not me Not me” while their ally cried “We know it is not the Ukraine” is indicative in the first instance of a guilty conscience and such decriers need to be subjected to the harshest scrutiny and investigations.

Reported in the NY Post @1203pm 17/07/2014: The doomed aircraft had been tracked by a surface-to-air missile system right before it went down, a senior US official told CNN. The United States was working to track the rocket’s trajectory to determine its origin, the official said.

American intelligence authorities believe it unlikely that the Ukrainian government had the capacity to take down the plane. Kiev was quick to blame the tragedy on pro-Russian, anti-government rebels who have been waging a separatist war.

It matters not for the victims of MH17 who; but those left behind and we the people can have no forgiveness for those ‘who’, who caused this crime to occur.  They are criminals of the worst kind; be it error or intent; the crime is unfathomable and unconscionable.

As a global nation though; we must first find ‘who’ those criminals are.  I for one am not pointing the finger at one, when there is perhaps good reason to be looking closer at those whom we believe are supposedly above reproach.

Brumbyy With 2Ys


Bill Bibbulmun on track relating Whistle Blower Robert Paul’s court win

Bill Bibbulmun reviews activist Robert Paul CPO’s recent court case in Perth WA where he exposed false charges by police on video and forged documents by police He represented himself in court and won the case using prosecutions evidence and their police officer witness he ripped to shreds. Further child abuse exposed by government enforcers the Royal Commission are ignoring ….

Tony Fitzgerald tears into Queensland government for abuse of power

Renowned corruption fighter says Liberal National party has embarked on ‘destructive’ first term, undermining the judiciary and interfering in the electoral system.

Tony Fitzgerald Royal Commissioner into Corrupt Queesland Government

The last person Newman needs is an expert exposing his very suspect government

Tony Fitzgerald, seen here in 2010, says the first term of Queensland’s LNP government has proved the need for ‘adequate checks and balances’. Photograph: Steve Gray/AAP

Queensland’s ruling Liberal National Party is abusing its power through its huge, unchecked majority, the state’s best known corruption fighter says.

Tony Fitzgerald, who headed the Fitzgerald inquiry into police corruption in the 1980s, has launched a scathing attack on the LNP government after several controversies.

Fitzgerald said he was reluctant to comment on the ongoing “Queensland saga” but released a short statement saying he did not expect voters to tolerate “destructive populism of an irresponsible government for long” and wanted to regain his anonymity and privacy in retirement.

“The LNP’s first term in office has confirmed the critical importance of adequate checks and balances,” he said in the statement.

“The government has already flaunted its disdain for democracy and good governance by attacks on the judiciary and judicial independence, emasculation of the state’s anti-corruption commission and interference with the electoral system.”

He also accused the government of pursuing self-interest, favouring its supporters and passing “irrational, counterproductive and sometimes invalid” criminal laws.

Fitzgerald has already criticised the state’s controversial anti-bikie legislation.

He said Queensland was extremely vulnerable to the misuse and abuse of power, given a lack of constitutional limits on the state’s single house of parliament.

Without an effective parliamentary opposition, the checks and balances needed for democracy were missing.

“Queensland’s future is a matter for its voters,” he said. “At the next state election they will simply need to decide which party will do the least long-term damage.”

Fitzgerald also blamed News Corp publications such as the Courier-Mail for helping the LNP outside parliament.

“News Corporation publications, which dominate the local print media, consistently publish biased reports which favour the government,” he said.

Common Law of Australian 2014

Every Australian needs to view this video to understand your rights and the violations being inflicted on Australians by government and their enforcers who work outside common law for the people.

OzResistance Video Exposes Govt Corruption

Bill Bibbulmun activist from in this weekly report exposes child agency fabrication to remove political activist exposing WA government – Wayne Glew CPO speaks on engineered government violation of our constitution – Bill plays video footage of a WA cop deceiving and fraudulent attempt to serve documents on prominent activist Robert Paul CPO …..

1080 Poison the Saviour

profession 2014 (1 of 1) (2)I have written much on this in the past as the years have passed in an effort to respond to the anti-wild-dog control voices in this country Australia.

Lately that same anti-voice has tried to use the exploits of their New Zealand counterparts and the use there of, Sodium Fluoroacetate as an environmental protection tool, as being the bad guy at the table. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Much of the knowledge of this poison has come from extremely lengthy research done time and time again so as to appease the environmentalist’s concerns. Most of those concerns were wild and emotional conjecture given breath via a loud and vociferous minority who in fact were, and are, killing the wilds through misguided kindness.

This link goes to the heart of some of the latest research and the most current report available from Aotearoa – The Land of The Long White Cloud – NZ.

If you have a concern over the efficacy; the safety; the cruelty; the environmental effects along with the effectiveness of this chemical in controlling pests for the betterment of all; then this is not just a must read, but it is a must download report to disseminate.

Keep in mind; what NZ does with 1080 is far removed from what Australia does, but the goodness such a deadly naturally occurring chemical does for the very environment we all need, and wish to survive; may not be a panacea, but it has no equal by all accounts.

Brumbyy (With 2Ys)


West Pushing Ukraine to War


Kerry1War is not about war in itself here; it is about the arms Industry, the energy resources and most importantly for the USA and its desires; it is about bashing Russia to the ground once and for all under the guise of NATO.(This you tube video is of the 5th March) To do this, the people of the Ukraine are essentially to be sacrificed.

The hawks of war from the West – point-manned by John Kerry & Victoria Nuland – are slowly getting their way. Five billion dollars of US aid to Ukraine which is touted to lead the country towards democracy but ostensibly was more about NATO getting closer to Moscow and wider-retreating Russia; is now having an effect.

They are leading a fledgling nation to civil war as we speak. Still those plans may not be working as well as desired by the western protagonists, or fast enough; hence the overt western troop deployments.

This in itself is bad enough, but the reality behind the scenes, is the slow yet steady build-up of those US and Canadian forces within the area, in Poland and Estonia etc is now bolstered by a Jet fighter group from Canada being based in Romania. Combined with the Harpoon Missile carrying USS Truxtun in the Black Sea; this fighter group seriously and provocatively threatens the Russian Black sea fleet at Sevastopol.

The whole mess is starting to exponentially explode and the causation for this in the first place will be hidden behind the smoke of war and the mushroom clouds of nuclear retaliation. History’s veracity of this fiasco will only be fact in the eyes and minds of the winners; yet it is doubtful if there will be any winners at the end of this conflagration.

  • President Putin is fighting for the long term survival of his nation Russia.
  • President Obama via the powers who hold more might than the office he holds, are fighting to preserve the military industrial machine which will wither to dust as the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan cease to be for the US.
  • The privateer armies – these are the contractors and mercenaries – they are almost assuredly already with boots on the ground in Ukraine and although they fight for money individually as unconscionable soldiers; as a led legion of death dealers, they fight for the global oil and energy companies along with the military industrial machine as paid spoilers of peace: In fact they will fight for anyone or cause that is capable of paying their fee.


[Threats to the human experience manifest themselves in innumerable ways. When an event occurs that causes harm, chaos and disruption, the costs to recover can be incalculable. Critical Infrastructure operators and commercial facilities are increasingly targeted by adversaries in often violent and unrecoverable ways. ACADEMI provides facility assessments, tailored training and armed protection to high-risk commercial clients worldwide.]

The people of Ukraine are just fighting for the survival of their country; their way of life; their very existence.

China may sit on the fence, but which side they step off on may very well determine the fate of the globe.



Brumbyy (With 2Ys)


The Malaysian flight MH 370 changed course and flew to where?


Perhaps to the one place no one is looking; straight to the US Secret airbase at Diego Garcia; or over it; or was it shot down as an unidentified threat and no one is talking?
Seem pie in the sky to you.
Well so is flying to Antarctica to splash down in the ocean and yet no one was able to see this plane meandering along on its lonesome.

• Where are the submarines which would have been able to pick up the sonic ping of the black box from miles away with their high tech underwater listening gear?
• Where was an aircraft carrier with all its jets and helicopters etc. in place of 12 hours flying from Perth to achieve two hours searching?
• Where were the in air refuelling planes so the searching aircraft could stay aloft?
• How come only a Thai satellite could spot flotsam of some 300 pieces?
• How come a 24 metre item could be spotted by satellite yet not able to be co-ordinated to within 30 metres and then plotted?

We can put a go-kart on mars but can’t find such flotsam; yeah right.

Diego Garcia  is the only place on this globe which would be;

• Able to accept such a large aircraft to land –hidden from outside eyes.
• Be a destination where once going dark, no one would be aware of such a destination.
• See MH 370 as a threat –e.g. 911 – to its security especially if radios, transponders, navigation lights etc. were all shut down.
• The one place which would not only have the ability, but would in fact shoot from the skies such an aircraft if they deemed it a threat of significance.
• A destination which would feel at risk from a plane having gone dark after a leaving a Muslim nation for China; thereby possibly negating most of the western world’s security oversights.

pic2There was a reason MH 370 both went dark and altered course and is also believed to have changed altitudes dramatically; it’s just not known.

Perhaps whoever was on the plane causing this to happen may well have been forcing the crew to take evasive flight manoeuvres so as to evade Diego Garcia monitoring as they hijacked the aircraft. The intention perhaps, was to pop up out of the Indian Ocean and land in some unknown spot and do as hijackers do. We already know there were two Iranians on board with false passports.

Just perhaps; the secret air and naval base monitored MH 370’s change of direction; was aware it had gone dark because there was no response from its transponder or radio. Noted its flight path was directly headed to Diego Garcia itself. Noted the extreme change in altitude; with no response from the aircraft as it neared; even if they scrambled jets to intercept and it still stayed silent and held course; and hence; they blew it from the sky in a pro-active measure of protection.

They could have reached Somalia, Yemen or Oman; but to stay hidden, needed to fly south around Indian airspace. Just perhaps they were unaware of Diego Garcia and what it represented.
Instead of owning up to this measure because it held many Chinese aboard and now with no way of proving it was ever really hijacked with all being dead; they went into damage control.

Laugh all you want but there is more plausibility in this hypothesis than turning and running the passenger pic3jet out of fuel so as to commit suicide. Even a man with a need has compassion when he has 238 other human lives in his care.

The wager is; once the black-box batteries are deemed to have no longer any ability whatsoever to send a signal; debris will arise authenticating the loss of MH 370, but drift, wind and currents will have over time hidden all chance of location and recovery and such debris will not show an explosion of the military type.
Convenient indeed; but this is only a hypothesis, yet in the vein of Sherlock Holmes: when the possible and plausible are exhausted, the unexpected and Implausible will most likely be found to be the truth.

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Australia Offends So Many while Our Welfare Funded Terrorist

benefit-caption “In this nation today struggling to support a working family, we can manage support for our misunderstood ethnic cousin’s in the lifestyle our government has provided for them”

Did you know – “Every person of Australia’s productive workforce is carrying one public servant”.   That’s 50% of this nation employed by government, WOW world leaders at last.


Individual Muslims may show splendid qualities, but the influence of the religion paralyses the social development of those who follow it.  No stronger retrograde force exists in the world” ~ Winston Churchill.



Adbul BenbrikaIn 2009 this Moslem Jihad Cleric, Abdul Benbrika had never worked a day for 19 years since adopting Australia’s government support costing us $MILLION’S and funded his planned cell to blow up the Melbourne Cricket Ground killing thousands that was funded by you and me on his welfare payments.

Interest is the anger and killer instincts of the radical Moslem crowded outside the Melbourne court, a law unto themselves and still today Australian government and authority do nothing to protect the true Aussies from these out of control ratbag terrorist.

Benbrika, a professed religious sheik, and six of his Melbourne cell members were jailed in 2008 after being found guilty of being members of a terrorist organisation and handed a 12 year jail term.

Read [The Australian HERE] – plus – [The Melbourne Herald HERE] how Melbourne Justice Forrest, quoting from their articles, came to conclusion of not proceeding with a second trial when;

Justice Forrest said if it had proceeded it would be “lengthy, complex and expensive” —

Evidence of Benbrika was recorded telling one of his followers: “If we want to die for jihad, we have to have maximum damage. Maximum damage. Damage their buildings, everything. Damage their lives. To show them, we’ll have to be careful” —-

“Police bugged two members of the Sydney cell discussing how they needed to get fit in order to shoot some motherf . . kers” this evidence was just part of  Police gathering 16,400 hours of electronic surveillance and bugging 98,000 telephone calls .

“How many more Terrorist Cells today are being funded by Centrelink?”

If caught will they face the wrath of  Justice’s like Forrest?Who knows maybe some  politician may receive  a backbone, then maybe implemented controls that bypass the “FORREST” clearing the way to serious punishment for targeting our Nation with their fanaticism to kill, maim and destroy those who disagree with their ill conceived mythology teachings.

Sending this message to terrorist cells still operating in Australia must frighten the living shit out of them. Knowledge they have of our legal system on their side no matter how many $millions of taxpayer dollars are spent on counter-terrorism now places the pending Moslem state of Australia well within their grasp.


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