Ukraine -Ukrainian People – Russia – Manipulated via NATO

tank-gunAfter five (5) Billion dollars has allegedly been spent to indirectly usurp the Ukrainian duly elected government’s Russian leaning and thereafter, install a dictatorial puppet regime; the USA is thwarted by a steadfast foe it has tried to encircle since NATO was formed.

Before the Internet it was easy for political and military hawks to foist war upon an unsuspecting and malleable citizenry. Newspapers were mainstream and TV and movies were tools. Lying was and is the most powerful tool the USA deploys and the western media is complicit or naïve: the former is my view.

Today as those same style of war mongering hawks desperately try spinning their way into another deadly confrontation; people are much more informed; much more educated and much more astute.

No more will we blindly believe in:

  • Stopping the holocaust of Rwandan 800,000 genocide – not.
  • The freeing of the Libyan peoples to a safe democracy – not.
  • Saddam has his finger on a nuclear launch button. March 31, 2005 – The Commission on the Intelligence Capabilities of the United States Regarding Weapons of Mass Destruction reports that the intelligence community was “dead wrong” in its assessments of Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction capabilities before the U.S. invasion
  • Bringing Mogadishu into modern democracy – not.
  • Blaming Assad for sending chemicals weapons raining down upon his own subjects instead of Turkish assisted rebels.
  • North Vietnamese are bad people and must never be allowed to integrate with the south – yeah right.

The list is endless:

The west through Britain and the USA with more than the assistance of NATO; espouse Russian badness, Russian aggression.  Yet the facts are; Russia has done nothing other than be there where it has always been.

It is the people of the Ukraine who need to decide their own fate.  In the East which has a serious bent towards Russia as opposed to the US installed puppet regime now falsely touted as a legitimate government. Regardless; it has to be assumed many Ukrainians are neither for or against either Russia or the west; they just want to be free Ukrainians.

Still; now protestors in the east of Ukraine have become gun toting rebels.  This is the truth.  But there is no evidence they are supported by Russia; other than being Russian or Russian speaking.

  • Of course they will have Russian arms.  Russia is the closest neighbour and arms and arms dealing are and is a way of life in that area of the world.
  • Of course they act professionally as militia soldiers; the whole area has some of the best trained fighters outside the military the globe has ever seen.
  • Of course there are many of them with the skills and determination.  This is not a rabble of religious zealots fighting an inane war.  This is a peoples standing for recognition and leadership by those they most trust.
  • Of course they have arms.  The current Ukrainian rebel government has threaten violence against them.

Putins’ troops over the border in Russia conducting themselves as troops do; is both legal and expected. 35,000 Russian soldiers out of 800,000 standing is not an invading army; especially when the Ukrainian treaty over Crimea allowed for up to 25,000 Russian troops and personnel to be ensconced inside Ukrainian borders, pre Crimean annexation.

When the USA spends billions to morph a nation; then usurp a democratically elected – albeit unpopular – government thereby installing a neo-Nazi supported illegitimate puppet regime who espouse hatred towards everything Russian inside the Ukrainian borders; of course the Russian military would be on an escalated alert.

But when the west through  – and sadly Australia is placing itself prostrate at the USA’s feet here – lies, deceit and miss/myth-information spread via a complicit global western media; threaten bellicosely via NATO’s great military western powers; then don’t expect Russia to back down.  The USA has already put President Putin and his nation’s back against the wall.  They have nowhere to go, so don’t in anyway be surprised if the Bear swipes back.

Brumbyy (With 2Ys)



With more and more mine workers in WA coming forward over ERMS blacklisting them we suggest a revisit to our investigation of this company and it’s clandestine dealing with Unions, mining management and controlling a workforce by computer generated deception. Can you imagine a covert database being serviced by a $2 company that controls if you work in mining or your family starves. There is no redress to information they collect and distribute to employers, it violates company and crimes acts in Australia, so … “where are the bloody cops … no where to be seen” ?

Allegations of CFMEU involvement with the blacklist being used as a tool to take food from the table of families of union members who threaten the executive unaccountability and hidden agenda of a multi-million dollar organisation cash cow.

This story covers one mans experience with ERMS Solutions and gathers momentum to mining company compliance implementing findings from contaminated data as tentacles straggles free enterprise employment services to control and stem the flow.

People need to know – [Click Here] to visit the link on our Investigation site Aussiewatch that reveals this insidious ERMS octopus controlling who gets jobs in mining around Western Australia hiding within a fortress styled office located at West Perth …. If you have had ERMS problems with employment this report has an email contact to join the swelling workers who are blacklisted and forming a class action.

“FOOD FREE FRIDAY” Next Agenda by Puppet Masters running Australia

Once again, the high priests of the UN/IPCC have forecast world starvation unless we mend our wicked ways.

According to them, unless we curb our use of oil, gas, coal and meat, the carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere will soar, the globe will heat up, and food production will plummet. This is just a rerun of their previous failed forecasts based on academic theories and computer models. They should have asked practical nurserymen, farmers and meteorologists.

Nurserymen would tell them that if you pump carbon dioxide into a greenhouse the plants grow faster, bigger, more drought-tolerant and more heat-tolerant. Therefore more carbon dioxide will produce more food.

Farmers would tell them that plants grow faster in the warmth of spring and summer and slower in winter. Any warming by carbon dioxide would tend to warm the higher latitudes so the snow line will shift, thus creating more arable land. It would also tend to produce warmer nights, thus reducing frost damage to crops and opening more land to frost-sensitive crops.

Meteorologists would tell them that if global temperatures increase, evaporation from the vast oceans must also increase. What goes up with more evaporation, must come down as more rain or snow. While some areas may become drier, a warmer world is on average a wetter world, producing more food. There is also no evidence that extra carbon dioxide and warmth will make weather more erratic – in fact the reverse should occur as the global temperature gradient which drives winds and storms will be reduced with more warming at the poles.

Finally, there is no evidence that their climate scares will occur “much earlier than expected”. With global temperatures flat for 17 years – how can warming occur faster than in their previous failed forecasts?

There is no rational basis for claims that increased carbon dioxide in the atmosphere will add to world starvation – history and science tell us that it would produce a productive green and bountiful world. It is global cooling we have to fear.

On the other hand, there is no doubt that foolish climate POLICIES will produce less food. Policies on ethanol, biomass, carbon-credit forestry and the Kyoto bans on regrowth control, either directly consume food, or reduce the land available for food production. Encouraging and protecting trees at the expense of grasslands is threatening the production of low-cost food from marginal grazing lands and water restrictions are driving irrigators out of business.

To top it off, their taxes and regulatory wars on carbon energy will push marginal farmers and fishermen out of production. The world may indeed see hungry years, but carbon dioxide will not be the cause. Already they advocate “Meat-free Mondays”. Their anti-food anti-carbon policies will soon result in “Food-free Fridays”.

Viv Forbes


If you buy chicken eggs pork range fed beef dingo country lamb apparently the RSPCA management can have input. They have engineered their way onto Ministerial advisory committees on pest animal control whether farmers can use poisons traps guns fencing cages you name it the RSPCA is there asking for public donation for their fashionable activism. There they are fed and bred in the such well designed human habitat a living example of what farming should be all about feeding the masses on less and less returns because of the growing bureaucracy needing to have their approval funded. Human society is set to implode because of the lack of trust and support, the increase in greed and social dysfunction.

Rural minorities marginalised by political monoliths out of touch with where their finger food, wine, cheese, rack of lamb, fruit platter comes from are being screwed to the gravel by more and more bureaucracy claiming relevance for the end product of the minorities labours against all odds of micromanagement largely by opinionated people without the credentials to judge. Free trade agreements, floating dollars rural communities paying several times for services not delivered because administrative wages go up leaving nothing for the service then contractors are hired if you are lucky and find more money to meet the constraints put on by the experts and bureaucrats. Is there any wonder farmers cannot afford bigger cages and sheds for their pigs and chooks more labour to see their needs. For every farmers there are thousands of highly paid bureaucrats telling them what to do rather than supporting them in their work from retention of country schools hospitals decent roads railways telecommunications marketing and distribution networks. A urban based public that is informed about how their food appears in the outlets????

Farmers are meant to do the marketing the education the city masses the transport the paying of taxes, research levies, the rates for a grader once a year or every two years. Children if rural communities are still allowed to have any, are bundled onto a school bus before day break and sent off in the fog not to return until tea time because it was too hard for the bureaucrats to provide teachers to schools made by rural communities. Some bureaucrat said the toilets were not up to council standard Instead of making and assisting with a new toilet block the school was closed. How is that for logic. School children bussed to up to 4-5 hours a day is bureaucratic efficiency. Country children do not learn well because they are dog tired. Who cares as long as the RSPCA approves of their farming systems! What are the RSCPAs ideas about children as young as 5-6 years old sent away to be indoctrinated from daylight to dark jostled and over tired bullied on the bus. Teachers standing up in front of a class vilifying farming. Teachers having been brainwashed at university for years told without proof farming is ruining Australia. Obesity is killing our children forced to sit all day listening to environmentalist mumbo-jumbo animal rights propaganda exposed by teachers. Homework set on geography human science written by the gang green environmental animal rights lobby vegan vigilantes with a lettuce intellect and power of reason.

If farmers are to throw their chooks and pigs out into the free range to suffer sunburn chased by foxes dogs eagles shot by feral hunters because city people only want to eat pink pigs and white chooks or clean pooh free eggs then tell farmers what you are prepared to pay to have that happen so even the poor families can afford good food, the middlemen can afford big houses, big cars, big boats, big overseas travel, big tax evasions donating to charities such as RSPCA?

The credentials of RSPCA need not come under scrutiny because they are the voice of the voiceless. If the government buys a few dog houses at the shelter then the RSPCA representative can endorse aerial cull of Brumbies as “humane and safe for the horses!”  Tell the environmental lobby they can clear their new land claims of free living horses because that was the political deal down town over a nice meal and a bottle of wine. This ANZAC day we wont bother to remember not only the soldiers but their horses that galloped and struggled in mud to exhaustion to deliver democracy to the free world. Humane worksafe conditions were provided for thirsty horses trying to survive the drought down stream of the city water reservoirs the smoke stacks destroying the rainfall.

RSPCA endorsed farm practices have a more and more hollow ring to it.


The only difference between cages around people in dysfunctional city society and cages for chooks is that chooks don’t always get to choose design of the bars.

Farmers have invented individual compartments for their chooks fed as much as they want to eat, provided with piped water laid on. Their self contained apartments are secure from foxes, eagles, dogs, harassment and bullying, ferals wanting cheap chooks. They are sheltered from cold, heat, wind and rain. They are protected from food and space Nazis among their own. Medical assistance is at hand. All they are asked in rental returns are clean eggs in exchange. Farmers look after the chooks and pigs far better than a lot of cities look after their women, children or elderly. So where is the RSPCA approved care of human societies left vulnerable. Prosecuting people for trying to look after too many dogs or cats humanely murdered or desexed without consent. Selling up and fining people, least able to defend themselves. Drought affected farmers manipulated by external market forces. Wholesale and retail standover merchants greedy for a killing intermediate of the farmers and consumer.

The animal rights Nazis are micro-manageing if children or the elderly can keep a dog, cat, gold fish. What are their credentials? A big opinion of humanity which can’t be trusted or supported to do their job any better by the ‘can’t do micromanagement crew’ within our midst and gravitating to organisations such as RSPCA lording it over farmers, zoo attendants, circuses, children with dogs……. Weak people need power over others. How appropriate are university degrees in vet? Or doctorates of journalism. Manipulating a seat on a ministerial advisory committee to the exclusion of farmers who might have a few ideas about the reasons cages, housing and various other animal farming techniques were adopted because the city people made unrealistic demands. No horns on cattle, no tails or dirty wool on sheep, no bitten tails on pigs, no black pigs, no black skinned chooks or yellow fat, Calves should not be removed from their mothers. Goats should be shot because someone said they made the desert in the Middle East??? Shot humanely from the air as for donkey, camel, Brumbies, water buffalo because some fanatic wants to kill off these animals to make a wilderness tourist destination where Australian migrants setting up a commercial tourist operation do not see donkey, horses, goats, water buffalo, camel as part of the multicultural Australia they learnt about at school and university.

RSPCA will jump on board for a dollar, finger food junket, ego exchange sessions. Forgotten are the people trying to produce happy animal products for less and less returns on labour, levies, ripped off for no service, rates taxes ripped off for no services, no political representation. So why aren’t farmers doing their own promotion education, marketing ecoservicing and the animals returned to the wilderness to be shot by RSPCA endorsed aerial culls?

If you could ask those farmers that have suicided because society has left them physically, psychologically, financially destitute, they once may have cared about Australia and feeding not only their animals pastures and crops but the people of Australia sitting in their lounge rooms on judgement by viewing TVs interpretation of the world we live in. Gadget children too frightened to leave their bedrooms with designer bars on the windows, and internet locks on their gadgets and phones smarter than their other teachers.


What about human suffering and loss of dignity and self determination across the world. World trade, food access, water, land democratic rights of the voiceless vilified and hungry. The cages to keep people in or out, protected or imprisoned? Where does RSPCA get its wisdom for approved farming systems?

Farmers are looking to ignore environmental animal welfare activists until our city environments are fixed for welfare and environmental issues which would go a long way towards liberating animal suffering and environmental degradation. The pathologically greedy power grabbers that will stop at nothing politically financially taking more than their share. How many billions profit can individuals or corporates justify for products and ‘services’ that come at the cost of other people, the environment and other species. How non for profit is RSPCA? Where is their policing stop and support for beleaguered farmers and animal owners down on their luck start?

Once someone said thieves are more conscious of theft than anyone? Bars on the cages are they to keep thieves in or out. Protection or imprisonment? Does the RSPCA really know?


Bushmen on horseback return to Wonnangatta station on a meagre allowable rescue campaign harassed and bullied by the ignorant of migrant Melbourne gang green committee stackers and political extortionists.

The once beautiful open bio-diverse forests have all but been buried by blackberry and 25 years of neglect, negligence and incompetence. The wildflowers including orchids have been long buried in piles of toxic gum leaves and rank dead grass garnished with fallen timber, few species of scrawly scrub trying to find sunlight in the ‘fire time bomb’ of “dirty dead bushland.”

Prince Charles would have known a very different scene when he came for schooling in old Australia cherished every inch of it loved and looked after. When bushwalkers could roam with a backpack through the bush not forced to follow a bulldozed fire access scraped invasively across the landscape! 

Introduction – Mal Davies

We are sure of our facts, Noeline Farnklin is sure of the science, so the display of panic amongst the well funded PhD’s and activist who have created a trail of false scientific breadcrumbs to appease masters is now confirmed.  As we see experienced high country cattlemen dating 180 years experience, who delivered the Snowy Mountain land a pristine condition environment under cattle grazing to government some 60 years ago which then started the lockup of public land requiring generated green science agenda to sustain funding and total control.

Confirmation that a serious unrestricted trial would expose cattle grazing is a required part of eco system and biodiversity management triggered panic stations across the greens and engineered science camps.  If a level playing field were to be set in place this would expose massive lies, collusion, and fictional science – certain to bring down decades of mismanagement taxpayer funding to face accountability and investigations that will shut down many gravy trains on your money.

So the cattle trial rules were carefully designed for certain failure,  but a much more aware public is watching today and see the decimation to their public land under current MYTH-Management and Noeline Franklin certainly delivers with knowledge and passion a blow to this sham that if conducted correctly would change environmental government thinking to recover the bloody mess they have made on fictional science .


 Stockmen are allowed return to depreciated Wonnangatta after a long period of negotiating and pleading, with just 60 experimental cattle to a valley over 10000 hectares of grassed valley floor, open bush and alpine snow gum ecologies of Mt Howitt that was offered eco-services of 1200 cattle to maintain the beauty and serenity of the region. Feed the wildlife and wildflowers, make fire safe the clean beautiful streams alpine herb infused sweet water. Just a token 60 not the 2000+ required to try and retrieve the situation of vegetation chaos as a matter of urgency. Every summer is a bonus for work to retrieve Wonnangatta from certain destruction. Burn the soil the remaining seed, the rocks, the forest the chronic dysfunction of dirty bush from the strangle of fanaticism. The Claytons salvation! Political greed and academic ignorance.

“Feral exotics” lurking in the bowels of parliament parasitising the hallways of democracy have told stockmen not to let their “chomping bovines” stray from the formed road! Cattle are to camp confined “on the road” and the “park staffers are to pick up the cattle dung.” For their gardens? How quaint. While they are at it follow the bushwalking boffins and bureaucrats with a shovel and “poopa-scoopa” plastic bag. By order the gang green Gestapo townie twits with abused public privileged paid positions.

Jackbooted neo-Nazi’s that live down there in the city haze, the plastic filled Yarra experts on water quality, wildflowers including donkey orchids, the wildlife diets of their naturalised dingo wilderness guard dog delivering ‘no graze policies’ to an Australia that coevolved with mega marsupial fire fighters. About 20 species of big herds of migratory 3 tonne wallowing, tree ripping wombats. 95 species of kangaroo to 300 kilograms, also capable of tearing down branches 3 metres into the canopy and creating that essential open fire safe forest. Where were the micromanaging bureaucrats then fencing out their grazing, photographing their tracks and wallows, writing science fiction in the papers pretending these big animals did not exist. Australia was made for foreign migrants with “breeding, class and education.”  Canberra and Melbourne well born dictate terms about how Australia should be destocked and burnt down!


Repeated warnings to the foreign academy of science they are on the wrong tram track with fire policy building the bonfire to obliterate biodiversity and water supply have been ignored knowingly, culpably, disastrously for Australia their adopted country and controlled pier review. Public funded commissioned science is a lucrative industry jealously guarded to provide highly paid government departments full of careers perfecting indecision and inactivity for the sake of media spin building the inferno with the help of a journo indoctrinated at the same university so they can be comfortable with their earnest and forceful opinions without the credentials to judge.


Commissioned science is a closely guarded lucrative vested interest for the selected and indoctrinated dynasty. There are and have long been very blurred distinctions between those calling themselves impartial, independent, unbiased academics, environmentalist and lobbyists or activists priming the funding pumps. Commissioned sciences conclusions seem to be known about by lobbyists before the general public paying for the ‘research.’ In fact there seems to be a conclusion required before the science is funded? Could governments be paying for the independent unbiased science it wants to hear? Are public and national assets used to buy votes? More and more people are asking the questions each summer as Australia burns, taxes are diverted hijacked away from essential services into the pockets of yuppies and committee junkies ski resort bar flies.


The hard hoof haters cocoon themselves in suburbia plied with the nations water supplies sucked out of languishing forests denied basic eco-services of mown grass, cultivated flower gardens, pruning aggressive scrub, fire exits and mitigation of fuel, weeding, pest animal control. The chomping and ripping done by packs of naturalised Asian dingo savage killers designed to deliver no graze policies of city water demands and whimsical wilderness for the convenience of tram drivers and town planners living in dysfunctional urban jungles like caged chooks. The bush land grabs are designed for maximal profits for minimal expenditure, at the long term cost of the environment. The smoke free, cow pooh free vista waiting for the convenience of a weekend wander, the intrepid traveler to the Australian bush following selflessly in the footsteps of pioneers in their $100000+ 4WD running over any lizards or wallaby surviving salvation, starvation, predation, incineration political chips converting national assets to swinging extorted votes from the “public serve us.” Yes environmentalism is all about little ‘me’ what the environment can do for ‘me,’ my convenience, my profit and my salvation providing a career good cause.

Head quarters of Australian Academy of Science is surrounded by suburban sprawl irrigated mown green lawns, trimmed hedges, artificial lakes and fountains, moats reminiscent of medieval castles and stone age Neolithic bunkers to deliver some sense of familiarity, habitat enrichment to the flat earth society inhabitants having difficulty adjusting to life down out of the trees. The difference being these lounge lizards, cage raised mammals have forgotten humanity has been able to understand and control fire for most of the last 1.2 million years. Still they are in denial. How the ‘Canberra Cotter inferno’ came about in 2003 remains a mystery to them as they head over the hill to massacre more Brumbies and draw their water supplies from the grazed green fire safe alpine valleys of the Upper Murrumbidgee. Made fire safe by cattle, horses and a long history of sheep, funding the removal of ‘feather and fur industry’s’ little soft footed rabbit that so expertly dug up, over grazed, washed and blew away Australia. All has been forgotten by the “Myxo men” and their academic following now living in 39 universities mushrooming up across the nation soaking up pest animal control budgets, weeding, fire control on their land claims.

Just 60 cattle have been allowed back to offer a retrieval program to Wonnangatta. Not even 2 cows per university! Set among the irrigated mown green lawns, fountains, moats, dripping taps all made possible by the locked up man made wilderness set to burn by a tyranny of denial, deprivation, chronic neglect and negligence, asset stripping dehabition of the people that loved it cared for it selflessly.


People calling themselves environmental activists have a clear double standard value system. Build the bonfire out there in the wilderness. In town we want mown green watered vegetation. Farmers produce levies and food, export earning which is creamed off for research to sabotage the very source of the finger food, wine and cheese parties. Sheep and cattle stations once beautifully manicured gardens where wildflowers, clean water, abundant wildlife were the norm are confiscated for suburbia, cemented drains and “battery hen” accommodation for the slaves with a mortgage and multiple mansions for yuppies.

Children are snatched from their parents arms from 5 years old for decades of indoctrination, selection of personnel in a procedure images that of “Hitler Youth”, screened to join the university ski club, to band together and burn down their adopted nation. Dig up and gas frack the farms to finance their party politics when there is no more farmers to milk for food, busted by floating dollars and free trade agreements, the dingoes have been bred up in the wilderness to eat the sheep, the woollen mills have closed down. The steel, car, canning industry sold out to pay interest on the foreign debt generated by an extravagant bureaucracy paying themselves highly for indecision and inactivity in a wilderness of their own concoction.


Stuff called science has gone off into fairy land. Data sets collected by the dynasty from the ecological artefact engineered man made thing called wilderness, destocked, dehabited except for exclusive yuppies rorting public assets to provide nice subsidised summer and winter holidays at the resorts, eating rack of lamb roast beef irrigated wine and cheese, fruit platter, side salad ……… Australian sheep production has been syphoned of over $12 billion dollars in research levies 1935-2014 poured into the comfort funds of boffins marshalling themselves into environmental activists groups conveniently misdiagnosing the effects of rabbit plague over grazing and the sheep that fed, clothed employed them build their cities and grand mansions, kept their water supplies fire safe sowed the wildflowers fed the wildlife recovering from dingo introduction from Asia 3500 years ago. Blackberry, cane toads, carp will look forward to their naturalisation ceremony as the megafauna extinction program continues on instituted by the blow in boffins and bureaucrats hard hoof haters hijacking the Ministers committee advisory junkies and flunkies set to be the feral exotics looking to burn down, dig up, exploit Australia gone to the dogs.


Stockmen of the high country are so impressed with city water management they see the same management approaches being imposed on more victims as city values move to the bush. Throw away water bottles fill polluted cemented in drains once pristine fisheries remote wilderness like the rest of Australia inhabited by Aboriginal people for up to 60,000 years. Clean bush, clean water and air. The tram drivers, academic experts, town planners have done themselves proud turning Port Phillip into a cesspit so nice everyone needs a high country retreat stolen off rural minorities by blow in experts because they said they were by massaging law books to legitimising theft. Why would you try to rescue Wonnangatta valley from people with such a great track record on environmentalism? Why aren’t the ski resort scientist turning around this mess before off ‘saving Wonnangatta’ with more of their neglect?






Noeline Franklin, BSC (Hon), M.Medsc, PTC.
Farmer/ CSIRO Scientist

NATO & Ukrainian Political Bed Fellows


Why is this name Svoboda important?  Because it’s members are the main players in the shadows. Those who go to the very core of the issues the people of the Ukraine are now suffering.

While the western leaders toe the line of the UnitedState’s desire to spread NATO’s tentacles deeper into territory which threatens Russian sovereignty like never before; main stream media fail abysmally to tell both sides of the story.

Even today the 4th of April, without any real proof; Australian news services touted headlines which all western media are suddenly slavering over; “ that Russian provocateurs were responsible for the violence of the Maidan riots in Kiev.”

This on a prima facie basis where the anecdotal evidence available pointed the blame squarely at the radical wing of the protestors. Add further to this; Yatsenuk’s reluctance to hold an inquiry into the killings of both police and protestors by the same weaponry; causes this sudden burst of news we now hear tend to be relegated to the, “more propaganda espousals of the western media.”

Not bad though. It took Yatsenuk and his cohorts almost a month of covert planning to come up with this most likely CIA concocted story.

It is time to let the people of the West see the other side exposed.  The neo-nazi movement which both the current NATO supported regime laud and of which US Secretary of State Senator John Kerry, is keen to hold up as a great reason for allies to perhaps die for.

True to form, many in the media ridicule the idea that the USA had any role in helping to foment the demonstrations which resulted in the overthrow of a corrupt but nevertheless legally elected government. As DianaJohnstone in a recent article has stated:

“The U.S. Undersecretary of State for Europe and Eurasia, Victoria Nuland, has openly boasted that the United States has spent five billion dollars to gain influence in Ukraine – in reality, in order to draw Ukraine away from Russia and into the U.S. military alliance.”