Snowy Hydro Not For Sale Ministers

No matter how viewed, the Snowy Scheme cannot be sold without first holding a Constitutional Referendum. The Commonwealth, in order to be able to build the scheme, first had to use its Constitutional powers to acquire FREEHOLD LAND under the Just Terms Acquisition and Resumption provisions to lay down the foundations of the entire Scheme, directly onto what had been Freehold Soil with access and water entitlements attached to the LAND and where the first LAND registrations went to the centre of the LAND under each free-flowing river system.

The Federal Government, because the three States had no capacity to fund, then used taxes garnered from the adult work-force of the wider Australia, to fund the infrastructure which by any simple deduction, leaves the entire Sovereign People of the NATION owning the asset. It belongs to us!

Today a short 4 year term, elected State Government has put on the jackboots and has ruthlessly said the Scheme will be sold to private enterprise. All this "spin" is nothing more than political expedient "fiscal-spin" and misses the underlying treachery of an inept government whose past record exemplifies that it couldn't manage a backyard "longdrop".

Minister Della Bosca revealed an appalling lack of understanding in Cooma last Thursday evening which in itself, is enough to send shivers down one's spine that he is adamant a sale 'will take place" when he has neither knowledge or understanding, yet will sell to do no more than balance the sins of a wasteful administration.

In his own garbled defence he implicitly admitted that the State does not 'own" the Water [we also have a letter on record to this effect written in about 1996] admitting and advising that "the State does not OWN the Water; it only controls and manages the resource". Some management we say.

Surely it goes without saying that if one doesn't own the asset, then one has no power to sell what one doesn't own. Simple moral ethics in anyone's language!!

June Weston