To understand the reason you are paying mortgages that are extreme to say the least - you must understand the banking system that is in operation and why governments and politicians do not want it to change. To consider operating a system for the people that has been suggested time and time again, and it works, and you will pay respectable interest, plus the economy would run through the roof and every family could afford to own a home, has never been on the agenda of those YOU !! .. elected.

Business would prosper and the only losers would be the fat cats that feed the corruption whilst urning their supmptious life style from monetary movement, not acctual work. These people rely on the voters being complacent to let the system roll along with no interest in the future of the nation, and the very sad part is, we do not have not enough guts to look at the alternatives that will ensure our children will have a chance at a life of prosperity, rather than the eventual collapse of our economy from ever present "She'll Be Right Mate" syndrome.

SOS-News would like to thank David Kidd, who allowed us to copy his sites story to make this available to our Subscribers. Davids website which is worth a visit

Click on the stories in the menu column that will make your blood boil - and remember - "it will not change unless you vote it to change" .

"The Party" system is O.V.E.R where - "WE VOTE" and they "GLOAT" as the bureaucrats and the puppet masters choose this nations fate - which we can see all around us daily.

This is not doomsday hype, or the fear tactics that government and radical greenies use, this is FACT and if you procrastinate in you little shell of political bliss, happy with the system and voting as a party faithful - never questioning leadership of any party, who as one, refuse to recognise that the banking barons can be stopped overnight, and our hundreds of billions of dollar debt that Australia currently has can be eradicated under current laws and constitution.

I cannot say this will be taken seriously like the authors of the stories - but feel better that I have at least exposed the suicide slide and promise I will not smile when we start paying rent to the new owners of Australia that is just around the corner.