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Breeding Leathal Weapons of Mass Distruction Sanctioned

SOS Investigator

Isn't it amazing. SOS puts pressure on the radical green fringe in relation to their despicable agenda in allowing the feral predator the dingo to pervade our society and mountains, even to the stage that this grotty hydatids carrying vermin is now in our outer school yards of Sydney and we still have these green sycophants extolling the virtues of their green garbage.

The Canberra Times ran a story on the 4th November and the opening sentence read, and I quote, "An Australian icon, the dingo, is fast disappearing, causing fears that its loss from the food chain will spell disaster for Australia's ecosystems, increasing the number of feral pests and destroying native fauna." The fact that the dingo/wild dog has naturally achieved a symbiotic relationship with the feral pig, fox and feral cat seems to have intentionally escaped this story. All of the above ferals are now in uncontrollable numbers and growing exponentially at the expense of all other fauna, native and domestic alike.

Now this story revolves around the "Australian Dingo Conservation Association" with its secretary, Marj Oakman, as the main player for obvious reason, she and her husband, Barry, are the breeders of this feral predator, a predator that pioneers used to have to fight off with the stirrups of their saddlery in the 1890's whilst riding the very country this misguided couple are breeding their dingoes in.

Yes, Breeding an animal that almost all other rural folk are trying to exterminate for sound ecological and economic reasoning.

Their Association's desire is to collect DNA of the so-called pure dingo so it can be bred up and released into the Australian bush country and hence they can sit back in flawed confidence that this animal will balance nature.

Forget the time line proof that when the dingo was introduced to the Aboriginal population some 5000 years ago the demise of that period's smaller fauna, now only known by fossil identification, was decimated. Forget the fact that Aboriginal people essentially dumped their camp dingoes for the introduced western dog shortly after colonisation, or invasion, what ever you want to call it. The reality is, the bloody dingo, pure or hybrid, has been a curse upon this nation since it was introduced.

Don't get us wrong, during pre colonisation [Aboriginal sovereignty times] there was not the ability to control such a scourge as there is today and there was good reason for the Aboriginal people to take on board the introduced western dog breeds, as they used to bark at intruders to their camp, but today, when knowledge about such things is common place and the modern world has the means to halt the wholesale slaughter of the broad toothed rat, well!

When Mrs Oakman says, "we have to protect the dingo in the wild," [this interbreeding piece of predatory ferality] you have got to be joking. When she makes statements, [and keep in mind this animal has survived all that has come its way for some 5000 years] "could cause the animals to become sterile and alter their breeding patterns." Well it says it all, doesn't it? Correct me if I'm wrong, but if one becomes sterile, there is a guarantee that breeding habits don't even exist? Oops! Now, the Oakman family are reported as having a property in Michelago, 50 klm's south of Canberra, this being right in the heart of dingo/ wild dog infestation territory, where almost every landholder is having their life's blood torn out of them by marauding wild dog/ dingo packs and the Minister for the Environment will not honour his word, a word he has given to the farmers, to poison the crap out of this mongrel pest, one has to wonder about such people and their motives and intentions, but of course he is too busy handing out accolades to the likes of the Wilderness Society, an equally dangerous scourge for our real Australians (Farmers and Bush People.)

Especially, when this story attributed a statement by Marj Oakman of, and I quote, "all the research is directed towards the farming community and how to control the dingo- there is no thought what so every to conserving the animal."

What bloody research and what bloody action. Mr and Mrs Oakman, your bed buddies the NSW NPWS and Bob Debus and Colonger types have seen that wild dogs, whilst inter-breeding with your so called pure dingo types- and I quote, "About 90% of wild dogs are thought to be dog-dingo hybrids, and of the pure dingos remaining, the majority are in the Northern Territory and the top end of Western Australia." Are tearing the heart out of almost 200 years of management and farming practices and destroying human lives. If one human life is saved by the entire eradication of the virus, "Wild Canid,"- in your terms, which is in reality a pretty green word for the scourge, "dingo/wild dog", then so be it. The truth is though Mr and Mrs Oakman, Secretary and President your association attempting to protect this scourge of an animal, indicates you have no consideration for your neighbours, nor your fellow Australian rural folk that are being driven from the very area and surrounds you live in. Perhaps you should visit others in your own neighbourhood and live some of the story that SOS gets daily.

As for the World Conservation Union declaring the dingo vulnerable, it is probably the only sensible thing they have said on this topic, because there is hardly a pressed to the wall farmer that won't send a piece of lead blasting through a dingo/ wild dog's cranium if they get the slightest chance and in that sense all dingoes/wild dogs should feel very vulnerable, except, they have the protection of the Wilderness Society, the Colong Foundation, the Oakland's Association, Dr Tony Fleming and the NPWS and Bob Debus and this is just in NSW.

As for establishing a sanctuary for your mongrel of a predator, we suggest that Dr Tony Fleming's purchase at the tax payers expense to the tune of 30 million dollars [funds desperately needed for our hospitals that the Iemma government can't seem to find] of Yanga Station will most likely be donated for your most illustrious cause of attempting to procreate a dangerous predator that needs to be eradicated from all rural Australia and the school grounds of Winmalee, as these bureaucrats are right on your side as long as your cause pushes the farmers from their lands and allows them to deal in native fauna, native flora, water trading and carbon credits on a world market.

If nothing else, Hydatids infection of our children and Neospora infection of our dairy herds are results that you, Mr and Mrs Oakland and your Association are obviously prepared to live with, along with Debus & Co's misguided attempts to drive land holders from their rightful positions in Australian society by the perpetuation of this myth about the dingo. The people's lives that are being destroyed by the disease and destruction emanating from the dingo/wild dog, pure, or hybrid, are the True Blue Australians, with a love for their land, children, nature and their fellow Australians, unlike the Neanderthal predatory instincts of your "Wild Canid" pets that you and your ilk wish to resurrect.