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Exclusive APR interview with removed Senator Rod Culleton and our Harry Palmer

Fellow Mushrooms … If you play by the establishment rules .. YOU LOSE ….

Harry Palmer speaks candidly with controversial removed Senator Rodney Culleton about his rise, fall and pending resurection in the Australian parliament. How he placed the Senate and High Court squarely behind their created hurdles thought to silence this patriot independent politician leading the charge to restore your parliament to the people. This interview is without parallel, riveting in content while exposing the backdoor Rod has opened the establishment thought locked and sealed tight…

20 Responses to Exclusive APR interview with removed Senator Rod Culleton and our Harry Palmer

  1. Laona Jones says:

    Woo hoo Senator think your the greatest man politician that ever walked this earth. Keep at em, lets get you back in that spot where you were duly elected to do a job for ALL Australians 👍🇦🇺

    Time too siphon out the bad eggs from the good ones

    • admin says:

      Laona~ What can I say to that comment, you nailed it in one. Harry

      • JOHN FERNTEN says:

        Give it up mate you’re not a senator anymore and how about you pay back all the money you owe people you’re a fuckin conman

    • Luciana says:

      Oh Yes Leona Jones & Harry Palmer, Senator Culleton must/should get back to his rightful place in the Senate!
      The Senate …whose Senators are indeed OUT of ORDER …need to hear from the People re. the Constitution which must be respected by the Politicians elected to represent the People and not ..taken for a ride, ignored, used and abused when the People’s common sense Submissions re. serious matters impacting the Nation are at stake: – Take for instance, the new GMO Cholera Vaccine which was ‘invented’ concocted in an American (USA) Lab., but the Big Pharma involved was not permitted to TRIAL IT on American citizens, so Big Pharma came to town-in Canberra Australia!…seeking permission to INFECT circa 1,000 Australians in 4 four selected AU States: WA, SA, VIC, & poor old QLD!!!! One needs to ask why Canberra and NSW were…’overlooked for this infamous trial with a new Cholera disease causing ‘bug’ which would infect so many people in Australia where Cholera is not a problem. Infect also the water-ways via the toilet s. system. And God help us if the ..treated sewage get transported to the farms as manure!
      Submissions were called.
      Sensible, scientifically sound objections were sent to Canberra, and Canberra promptly ignored the lot!
      The same happened with the quasi mandatory vaccination saga: the toxic, infectious, neurologically damaging ‘maiming & potentially killer vaccines now prescribed in ever increasing number – from Conception, at Birth and till death do us part.
      Australians are being very badly treated by Politicians who spend more time fighting each other, making empty promised to the people, trying to stay in POWER = win the next election!
      Staying in POWER concerns has nothing to do with SERVING the People honourably by also looking after Australia via all the Ministerial Portfolios.
      It is sad to hear from Senator Culleton that One Nation jumped to SILENCE like the PM did at the time, ignoring the need for a Banks Royal Commission.
      Mistakes are made and apologies should be required! And then get on with it.
      For, united we stand…..
      Loving Blessings to All involved in the good cause!
      Social Justice Network
      The Christian Way!
      Friends of humanely moral science in all Medical, Church & State Governments’ Population Policy.

  2. Jason Bingley says:

    Great work .What a great Australian. Top bloke.

  3. The Nifty Ned Kelly Peoples Party says:

    To Rod Culleton
    You speak very well is good to see you stand up for the Australian people. That’s why I established The Nifty Ned Kelly Peoples Party registered business name
    Thanks Nifty Ned
    From the Nifty Ned Kelly Peoples Party

  4. kevin james says:

    We need genuine people like Rod as our Government and act on behalf of Australians

  5. The Nifty Ned Kelly Peoples Party says:

    To Rod Culleton
    Its good that you are using the Australian conjuration against the Corruption & Organised Crime of the Australian Parliament House. Aussies demand & deserve a Federal ICAC Watchdog with teeth ASAP. Which Hon Bill Shorten MP will establish if elected in the next Federal elections!
    Yours Respectfully
    Nifty Ned
    The Nifty Ned Kelly Peoples Party

    • admin says:

      Hi Nifti~ thanks for the comment… We would appreciate your comments more if you left off the political banners on comments. Harry

  6. Brent Richards says:

    Hi Rod just listened to your intervieu with Harry Carter on radio as stated Whitlam took the Queen
    out of our constitution with out a referendum this has to be treason punishable by 25 years in jail all politicians are sitting in treason. Is it now true that we are now governed by our constitution that is common law and not admiltry law. The courts, police, taxation department,councils all operate under an ABN they are a corporation and as such have no jurisdiction over the people also the courts have not sworn an oath to the Queen of England so they have no jurisdiction over the people.Is the way you see it Rod ?
    All the best for your upcoming court case..ps George Brandon is a bloody disgrace..& Pauline Hanson is a huge disappointment.
    Brent Richards

    • admin says:

      Hi Brent~ thanks for the comment… Rod’s got the establishment pollies on the ropes and they know it. We will be podcasting another interview as the wheels turn and the pollies squirm over his illegal dismissal that is now coming to boiling point …. watch this space. Harry

  7. Douglas Back says:

    Great interview. Wish we had more men in Parliament like Rod C.
    I would really like to contact Rod Culletin, by email and phone. Could you please pass this to me if possible.

    • admin says:

      Hi Douglas~ thanks for the comment… Rod’s privacy is paramount at present without staff to handle the demand of support, but he is reading the comment at APR. I mentioned your comments to him which he thanks you for. We will be podcasting another interview as the wheels turn and the pollies squirm over his illegal dismissal that is now coming to boiling point …. watch this space. Harry

  8. ron raw says:

    What a great Aussie, the current crop of senators need to stand up for the return of the Parliament to the people, is it not what they are there for? Rod Culleton is doing more for our rights in exile, than all the senators currently sitting. In awe of his determination to get the job done.

    • admin says:

      Ron~ Thnaks for the comments and YES Rod is working for Australians and not the estabishment.. to quote Arnold —- “I’ll be back” Harry

  9. geoffrey mcmaster says:

    A great interview, I made sure I had my hearing aids in so not to miss a word. I’m absolutely gobsmacked about the revelation that Pauline Hanson did not get on board with Rod to push for this royal commission into banking, she is my hero!Good luck Rod with future endeavours re the shake up of federal parliament!

    • admin says:

      Geoffrey~ Pauline had a vendetta with Rod Culleton that was triggered by James Ashby who felt threated with his total control of Pauline ( that he still commands) and they both have yet to feel the wrath of Rod when he gets back in the Senate … Harry

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