One Nation Propose Peoples Bank Government Don’t Want

Within our “Downunder Dictatorship” we once had a “Peoples Bank”. It was set in place to help the individuals achieve and survive over decades which created this once great nation of democracy.

Then political power became “All Power”, a methodical removal of people rights and freedom by the tag team of Labor or Liberal governments, which ever was in power, maintain an agenda to stifle people’s input to how government run this country.

Love or hate One Nation Political Party, with or without Pauline Hanson, they have introduced a people bank policy sending shockwaves through Bank Baron’s and the two party preferred Reich Marshals in Canberra.

When a female fish & chip shop owner threatened to expose, open the books and introduce transparent government, these opposing enemies united to exterminate the last raised voice of public dissention which nearly terminated preference voting and the dictatorial two party life support system.

Again One Nation is proposing what most Australians are thinking concerning finance and banking, placed by government in the hands of the chosen few who control the bucks with an iron fist.

Read this excerpt from a Queensland One Nation Newsletter we were sent, it is interesting to say the least.


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