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Papers and Documents

  • Brumbies Place in History
  • NSW MP Andrew Humpherson exposed in February 2006 the Rural Fire Service volunteer numbers of 75,000 tendered by Commissioner Koperberg was in fact around 35,000 members.
  • Snowy Hydro Forum Speech by David Hains to stop the sale of the hydro in 2006 by the fedral, NSW and Vic governments that people power did halt at the peril the politicians futures .
  • To the Honourable Minister of the Environment & Attorney General Mr Bob Debus a concern of a private group the National Parks Association having certain powers over the NSW government .
  • Letter to ACT Chief Minister Jon Stanhope as to his court action against Coronor Maria Dugan as to her conducting of the inquiry into the 2003 ACT Bushfire was bias. This lays out the panic mode this MP is in over exposure of his governments lack of ability to handle a major disaster
  • Max Talbot retired Snowy Hydro engineer and managment planner made this speech 20th April 2006 to the Community Forum in Cooma on the pending government sale of the Hydro that the people did not want

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