It is with much honour, albeit a little humbling, that SOS-NEWS has been chosen as the media source to break to the people of NSW and Australia, a movement of concerned patriotic citizens that dedicatedly intends to diligently and conscientiously, agitate for the succession of Western NSW from the clutches of the current political monopoly of the future of the western area of the state.

There has always been a latent desire and undercurrent for the citizens in general of Western NSW to break free of the city centric management. A political management of policies and legislation forcing disaffected westerners to suffer the policies implemented from the highly populated, yet rurally naïve areas of the eastern seaboard and thereby failed to be recognised as equals, but to do so has been seen in the past as an insurmountable task.

After much deliberation and determination, studying of both the laws and the constitution, this movement sees the current climate, as not only right to move forward on, but critically essential if the Western Territory Communities are to survive the current trends our society has allowed to permeate throughout current bureaucracy and deliver political manipulation.

This movement’s founders believe that the last gerrymander style break-up of electorates in this State has removed the last vestiges of a democratic political voice for the Western Territory people and enough has now become enough.

To succeed in forming a succession state requires, in large part, permission from the mother State and its total citizens, in this case and time in NSW, State means permission from the inept, financially bereft Iemma government, but to move towards making the “Western Territory” from the centre of the Great Divide west to the border, from Victoria to the Queensland border into its own autonomous region under a Federal Territory, or State, is not only the goal, but essential for survival. (If the creeks, streams and rivers run into the Western Territories, then such terrain that feeds such waterways constitutes western territory and remains such territory until the opposite flow geographically occurs and at that point the succession state’s boundary will be found and delineated.)

The Australian constitution clearly gives the power to the Federal Government to appropriate any lands and property within the Commonwealth of Australia to come under its realm as Federal Territory for a number of reasons, along with also accepting the making of another Australian State out of either one, or more parts of a current State and it is along these lines that this movement advises that it has intentions of studiously pursuing.

The founders believe that the creation of the “Western Territory” would eliminate the undemocratic, metropolitan centric, political control over issues and governance that at present fail to deliver either fair representation, nor just services, in return for what this western area delivers to the state of NSW and Federal Commonwealth.

The founders of the movement advise, that in the first instance there is absolutely no need to either hold new elections, nor build a new system of government. This already exists. There are already many elected representatives within this western territory that would initially hold the power in the new “Western Territory” Government.

There are already governmental procedures in place in the Northern Territory and ACT that serve these respective Federal Territories well and by simply adopting those regulatory governing procedures, instantaneously gives this new Territory an instant, effective, capable, working, semi-autonomous bureaucracy, that would ultimately come under the power and authority of the incumbent Federal Minister for Territories.

The incredible wealth generated in this Territory, from mining, forestry and primary production, would see the re-invigoration of the Western Territory in Health, Education and Services beyond anything the present governments of the day ever intend to supply.

In essence, the Western Territory would succeed only from the State of NSW and be sub-servient only to the Federal Government. A situation that almost all hard working, patriotic Australians see as the final and necessary destiny of this Nation.

The new “Western Territories” would have a government, after the first elections held therein, that would be truly representative of the people who live, work and die in the territory and hence democracy would return to the rural western sector of NSW.

Upon Federal declaration of the new Territory/State “Western Territories” the current elected members in both State and Federal Government, would combine to automatically become the inaugural caretaker government of the Western Territories under the authority of the Federal Government and the local government members would continue as usual.

The system of autonomous governing would be in the first instance, a replica, as is today, of either the ACT, or Northern Territory semi-autonomous style of governing. Within a year an expected plebiscite would be held of the Western Territory’s constituents and from there the new fledgling Territory, or State, would move forward to deliver democracy and sustainability to an area of Australia that is not only being controlled and dictated to by politicians that have lost their Australian way, but have resorted to politics that has more to do with serving corporate masters, attaining votes and personal survival, than public service and a State’s citizen’s well-being.

The long term future of the “Western Territories” as alternative power sources are discovered, carbon trading is instituted, food production is exploited and water becomes an essential, are fantastically real. Not to mention the Snowy Hydro Electric and water possibilities.

For all those wishing to join this movement we have attached, by clicking here, a form to fill in and return via SOS-NEWS. All information will be treated as extremely confidential and will be used only by the movement’s founders as a means to compile a mail out data-base and assess each so interested person on their merits as to the experience and expertise that each may be able to bring to the table.

It is clear that the hurdles are great, but not one is insurmountable and as long as the constitutional majority of western NSW citizens are in favour of autonomous rule as opposed to the legislative shambles you all suffer today, in a few years your children may just look to you and say, Thank You.

If you have an interest in entering the fray as an active movement member, or just wish to state your desire to see the movement towards semi autonomous governance succeed, email us click here.

Western Territories questions and answers

 To answer some of the many questions posed by readers in relation to the Western Territories secession movement we have compiled them into sub headings. 

The state would have no ports? 

No it wouldn’t, but the constitution clearly denotes that freedom of trade shall prevail between all states at all times and any political infringement of such constitutional rights is a serious issue indeed and one that the Federal Government has the constitutional power to solve quickly.  Commercial entities have no interest in anything other than profits and share margins, therefore business will proceed and all will benefit.  Border changes will only affect political desires and agendas, not the well being of citizens of either NSW or the Western Territories.  In fact there most likely would end up being a growing swell of people moving west, both new citizens and old repatriating themselves, to join in the bright future of this new fledgling State. 

People young and old leave the west because of lack of opportunity, not because they necessarily wish to do so.  Land taxes, building restrictions, professional services, scientific opportunities, retirement imposts, health services and employment are all neglected and hence the young leave to build a personal future and the old move to be near society and services denied them in present day delivery.  Instead of building society in the west, the current and past governments of late have intentionally destroyed the dream so as to have as many voters as possible coalesce in a confined metropolitan environment.  The rest have been subverted to these artificial voting bases by gerrymander moves that guarantees your voting power demise.  Hitler had to go to war to claim vast territory for his control, yet here a legislative stroke of the pen does it without anyone of you having any meaningful say regardless of your cries. 

What about the police, fire and ambulance services? 

Western NSW already has a regional/area structure in place for these services and hence regional/area commanders.  From these commanders would come one who is appointed by his/her peers and therein that person would be elevated to become the inaugural commissioner of the respective service they represent.  All staff would be seconded to the new service, with many getting a well deserved seniority lift.  The only difference for the many would be the territory name they worked for. 

How would the state finance itself?

 As the Western Territories would be under Federal Government control in the first instance, the revenue raised would be protected, amassed and administered like any other government of like.  The GST and tax revenue generated would all be returned to the Western Territory’s coffers to provide sorely needed services etc.  Hospitals and staff there needed would find employment commensurate with their skills and aspirations.  Fees for services licenses etc would all be reviewed to provide a better environment to enhance business, not just to prop up agenda driven political will. 

How would education be enhanced? 

There are already fine universities churning out well-schooled rural professionals that upon course completion find there are minimal satisfying opportunities to keep them in their home turf areas.  The new territory/state and hence opportunities generated would change this and the young guns would be the equivalent of the young guns of 1901 poste federation.  The opportunities would be boundless, with enthusiasm for being part of building this new Territory driving both personal satisfaction and community aspiration. 

What happens with National Parks? 

The NSW government over the past few decades has continuously manufactured national parks at a rate they are neither able, or willing, to administer properly.  Even today new Environment Minister Phil Koperberg has added another11,500 hectares to two current NSW national parks, clearly indicating he has intentions of continuing the stealthy theft of lands.  Succesive NSW governments have effectively grabbed land by stealth, now making over 8% of NSW unmanaged potential fire storms.  Vast tracts of land that could and should be better managed by those with experience and local knowledge.  All these parks so contained within the western territories would become parks of the Western Territories and reassessed. 

As these parks are land that is held by government on behalf of the people, so to would it be held and managed by the Western Territories people.  The difference being, that management would be by those with western rural experience and the knowledge, which in turn would deliver a park’s management protocol that not only would enhance the Western Territories, but would alleviate the city-centric green challenge to such territories. 

The value of these parks to the people at present is a massive deficit with no likely prospect of changing, yet more land is added to old and new parks are being generated.  The autonomy of a Western Territory would address this with common sense and local expertise leaving the touchy touchy feel good green radicalism to the east of the Great Divide. 

Roads and Transport services? 

The use of rail and heavy transport is a major concern to the Western Territories, but the cost to provide the infrastructure needed is anathema to the Sydney based Macquarie street farmers.  This would change and see the transport infrastructure move forward into the 21st century.  The heavy transport industry pays immense amounts to state coffers to operate, yet the returns are inadequate and the legislative imposts, draconian.  Western Territory managers would have the experience and expertise to ensure this would be rectified and enhanced for the better future of all Western Territories industries.   

Rail services have been allowed to almost disappear for the west, yet there is no more economical way to move large quantities of grain, ore and livestock etc.  The result is that we now have thousands of heavy trucks plying the main highways unnecessarily and although time effective, certainly not cost effective, both, fiscally, or environmentally.  The government’s answer to this is to allow B-Triples to start travelling these same roads and the reason is the cost of transport will be borne by the transport gurus and the consumer, where rail infrastructure would have to come from the tax base. 

Mining is a large slice of the current regime’s income? Y

es it is, but after all these years of governmental fiscal irresponsibility and most of this being city-centric, the time has come for the mining companies and their respective  communities there involved, to be rewarded for their input.  The royalties are immense, but where are the returns to the communities wider areas.  NSW will still have its ports etc, but the wealth is being sucked from the Western Territories and spent on collapsing tunnels, buying productive farming land for more national parks and paying huge salaries to bureaucrats, while policing, education, health, transport, communications and services all suffer everywhere within the state, to the point that western NSW in many respects is looking like a third world country. 

What Political Parties would there be? 

There would be no change.  All parties and individuals would continue as they have done so prior to secession.  This is not about making another country; it is about giving democracy and sound government to the people of western NSW. Something they have been without for decades and are turning the area into suicide alley.  The political makeup of the ACT, or NT territories is an indication in the first instance of how the political structure would look.  It would be up to the people to decide the future of the Western Territories under the umbrella of the Federal Constitution.   

A constitution we might add that the Republican movement is purely designed to cause this Federal Constitution to be rewritten, thereby negating all that has been conducted unconstitutionally in the past decades by people who care not for the rules put in place by the founding fathers and see the day of reckoning of this constitution intransigence coming home to bite them on the backside. 

Water is a very contentious issue? 

Yes it is, but interestingly the very issue is all about the Western Territories.  Western NSW is being divvied up by both federal and state legislators and due to the demographics of the electoral system; the rural constituents are not just seriously disenfranchised, but are in real terms, being side lined altogether. 

When a State Minister such as Phil Koperberg is calling the shots about water in Western NSW, it is patently clear that what comes forth from his mouth is nothing, and we repeat nothing, other than indoctrinated rhetoric of the bureaucratic kind.  He has no credits on the table to support his position.  Add to this his portfolio of the Environment and Climate Change and the millstone around western NSW’s neck is an entire government of failure.  The future for western NSW without secession is not just bleak, it is catastrophic in the long term. 

With the Federal Government standing behind the new state/territory moving to autonomy, with the models of the ACT, NT and Lord Howe experiences to work by, there will never be such a smooth transition to semi-autonomous self-rule by an area in the history of the world. 

Eat elephants in little slices, the journey begins with the first step.   

The Federation of the Commonwealth of Australia at the turn of last century was to provide the citizens, state and territory wide, with a constitution that protected and enhanced their lives “FOR ALL TIME”.  It has taken just over one hundred years for self-indulgent, agenda driven, corporate related politicians and bureaucrats to bring our NSW society to its knees.  There is now every reason to change the trend, and flow, of politics here and the very survival of western NSW and its communities requires drastic action expeditiously to achieve this.   

The founding framers of the Constitution clearly saw secession of territory as the Nation grew as a real possibility for the future, amongst many other things and made provisions for such in the Constitution, albeit, not without great difficulty and cohesiveness in achieving a secession.  Well now it is the Western Territories of NSW time to bring new founding framers to the table and form the next phase of political transition for NSW in to being.  Split a State that has outgrown its demographic, democratic political abilities and give the Western Territories people a chance to live as equal citizens, politically, socially and cohesively.  Without the incredibly, insurmountable imposition of one single city in the state, Sydney, having more people, hence voting power, than the entire Western Territories citizenry.   

Why is it that the entire Sydney basin is almost exempt from most of the regulations that the rest of rural NSW is bound by, environmentally and legislatively?  Why?  Because the majority of voters live in this basin and hence the power handed to politicians is here decided.  Yet once you live in a fringe society, or worse, a rural sector, you are all a minority in the first order and your voting power is so intentionally diluted, that no matter what you want, it has to be passed by the major metropolitan areas. 

The secession of an area of NSW into a new territory “Western Territories” that has the ability, skills, infrastructure and financial resources to succeed beyond all our dreams is waiting to happen, a future for the coming generations that will not be surpassed for another 100 years.  Services that the city takes for granted will arrive to your major towns of equal quality, employment will be plentiful, rewarding and historic. 

The secession of the Western Territories is the future well being of a territory of people equal to the entire population of New Zealand, a country that was once administered out of NSW.  Tourism, farming, mining and manufacturing will make a domestic Western Territory economy over 20+ years that every State will be envious of.  It just requires western NSW Australian people with vision to move forward and follow their founding fore-fathers and provide a true democratic voice for its citizens.


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